Friday, June 21, 2019

I’m probably the world’s worst!!

Early interesting Cars:
 1937 Packard with a rumble seat!

But for today:
I am the world’s worst at having a small task to do and saying to myself, “This will be no problem, it is a small paint touch up job. No need to change clothes, I will be careful.”

Then I proceed to get grease on my new pants or paint on a good shirt. "HONEST, honey it is not intentional." I just forget quickly that I just did the same thing a few weeks ago and the shirt is now a REAL WORK shirt. I said then 'this won't happen again!'  LOL how I lied to myself.

So fact is, for a non-working man I have too many ‘work’ clothes. These work clothes are the result of my broken ‘rememberer.’

In my youth and up until a few years ago you could buy grease for utility jobs in a small bucket, called at home, ‘Cup Grease.’ If you needed a dab of grease you just opened the can and got some on your finger. For fitting or to pack bearings. I tried two stores, ”No grease in a can, BUT we have tubes and cartridges for grease guns.” 

I told him I have that at home myself. So, All I need is a little grease. My grease gun is empty. In the process I get grease on another ‘good’ shirt.

Later I try to redeem myself by ‘camouflaging’ my errors…
Here are some:
 I'm wearing the one above now. It was solid blue
 This one I put profiles of a 1911 truck on.
 This became my paint shirt, I will soon have paint shirt too, 3 & 4 LOL

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Mevely317 said...

Cute! No, I think the honor of 'world's worst' would have to go to Tom. :)
Even after copious amounts of Oxi-Clean or Dawn, most are too far gone to bother. I just hope he doesn't forget and wear one of them out in public.

Glenda said...

Pics of the camo shirts are too funny, I can relate. 'cept your's look like art! I have found that Palmolive dish soap (degreaser) will help remove greasy stains.

Woody said...

Nice Shirts, I have 2 drawers full of T-Shirts, some printed, some plain white and some plain colors and some old thin ones I should have thrown away ! I love my T Shirts !
Keep Painting, Love from the Tax Capital of the world, Gary & Anna Mae !

betty said...

In the future do your shirt shopping at Goodwill on whatever day they offer senior citizen discounts. Could probably get a lot of shirts that will eventually be work shirts for "a dime a dozen" and then save your "good" shirts purchased elsewhere for when you want to be presentable in public. I know for me I can't ever get a white shirt. It won't stay white and will have a stain on it, no matter how hard I try to avoid it.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you, I too have a lot of work clothes. Paint is the worst, next comes grease for me. No matter what if I make spaghetti, I will be wearing a white shirt too. Some stains will come out, some not. I've learned to use Murphy's oil soap for getting out some of the paint on my clothes. Baby wipes are good too if you catch it before it dries. But still I have spots of paint here and there that remain. You are not a lone...many of us have the same problem.

Lisa said...

Just read this aloud to Nick and now he’s across the table explaining the can (or jar) oil to me. Haha.
I have a lot messed up shirts from painting. Did you know I used to paint houses as a job? Yep, Lasted about 3 weeks. Loved the job but felt like I was working for a prison crew. Haha.
The paint on my shirts now are from arts and crafts. And maybe a little cooking.

Happy Saturday

Dar said...

LOL, loved this! It seems my ' rememberer ' as well as Bill's is broken too. Just when we think we can accomplish a small task and stay clean at the same time, Wham! a new work shirt, shorts or jeans. I had a brand new sweatshirt with the logo of my grandloves work place on it and his dog decided he wanted to kiss me, paw prints everywhere......most of them came out with a cheap laundry detergent called Arm and Hammer with that stuff., even for Bill's greasy work shirts.
love n' hugs from up north where a healthy garden rain of 2 inches pounded us this afternoon. It's still raining but how we needed it, thank the Lord! The creek was running only every other day and the frogs were waiting at the pump for a free drip..........