Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Messenger and our slow system…

Early interesting Cars:
1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt

But for today:
I have a nephew working in Saudi Arabia.  Rickie is about as crazy as I. He was first in the Army, served in Viet Nam and later joined the USN and retired as a USN Chief as I did.

I seldom do ‘Messenger’ on FB, but lately I went there and saw a message that was 2 months old. I answered. It was from a retiree looking for information on RV’ing. He said Rickie had suggested Sherry and I for information.

I answered the old message and he e-mailed me in a few minutes. I just mailed him our book, “Our RV Life”

I have many friends and family who do not understand my reluctance to use Messenger.  It loads slowly on our system and is cumbersome.  One day, if we stay here in this brick and mortar home, maybe we will get some ‘fast internet’.  But until then we will remain online using the cell system.  It is as portable as we are. Also is slow, as we are.  LOL
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Lisa said...

OK JACK! All you need is a smart phone and then searches, facebook, blogging and Messenger will be quick. But hey, your doing ok.

From the office chair

Glenda said...

Messenger is one feature on the phone I love [ease of use] except when I get one of those forwards than dings my phone when I'm asleep. Like a lot of people I really appreciate a lightning fast internet, Comcast works well for me. Bet the guy was happy to get the information about RV life from the experts!!!

Mevely317 said...

Unlike the Messenger app on my cell phone, that feature on our desktop computer is a giant PAIN. I should explain: There's no delay in notifications, but the little red icon just stays and stays (and stays). Can't tell you how many times I think there's a new message, but no. Finally it goes away on its own … sometimes a few days, sometimes a week.

NanaDiana said...

That was nice of you to send that book to the man enquiring about RVing. I don't check my FB as often as I used to...for me it is a lack of time and FB can be a terrible "time suck" as the kids call it.

Hope you and sweet Sherry have a wonderful night. xo Diana

betty said...

I'll use messenger but not very often and its usually someone messaging me that I'll respond back to. Nothing worse that slow internet, LOL. How much we have changed over the years when we were amazed at it and now we "complain" if it takes a few minutes to load :) Bet the gentleman will enjoy your book on RVing.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I don't use messenger often at all. Still it's nice you had someone contact you and that you could help them out too. It's nice to be connected to a faster internet, but it is more expensive than what you are using. I've had both, and like the convenience now that I'm parked in one spot permanently.

Dar said...

My days are so full lately just with yardwork and family that I rarely even get on here as quickly as I'd like. It's ok with me tho. As beautiful as it has been here even with the cooler evenings, I'm soaking up every second outside that I can. It's nearly 6 p.m. and my guys went back to the woods to pull out ' just one more ' log for the winter fires. Sweet of you to send your RVing book to a new friend. I'm sure he'll love the help.
love n' hugs from up north where we made a 'hypertufa' birdbath today out of a rhubarb leaf for our DIL's birthday.