Sunday, January 24, 2021

Age, oh yes, it is a number.

 1948 Chevy Convertible, my first car:

So for today:

They say Age is only a number.  Shipmate Gary says his friend 99 says, ‘you are as old as you feel!’  But when it is me, I wonder how I made it this far?

I was lucky to make it into my teens. Like many boys 8-11 in my era, once you did your chores, most to us were free to wander far afield. As far as you could go and be home for supper. Midday meal (It was called dinner at my house) wasn’t always required at our house. But I knew it was there. Mama had no problem if I headed to the river or the woods, she knew I would not be home for that meal.

Many days I ate at a buddy’s house or them at mine. I do not think mama worried much. She knew I was playing (or on an adventure). It would be wonderful if those days still were around for kids. However we took  lot of chances. Throwing fireballs into yellow jacket nests, when you climb trees, hooking a bike tow on slow moving trucks, climb rock walls, spend the night on small islands in the river or try to swim too far in that river there is always some danger.

Dad got me a car at 16, even more chances were taken.  I keep thinking I had it a long time, but I couldn’t have. I had already rolled that convertible, tore it up, and lost my driver’s license, before I was 17. That was before insurance was required too. OUCH!

We married before I was 18; I still am amazed that she took a chance on a drop-out. It is a wonder Sherry didn’t do me in the first year.  I am glad she didn’t.

The rest of my life has been pretty sedate, not many life threatening chances taken. I am thankful I have lived to be 82.



Forgive me for being obsessed with age, I just never been 82 before, actually never expected to see 60.  Life is good. I haven’t struck a match lately, I bank the fire pit at night and throw leaves on in the morning and she kicks right in after smoking a little. Tiger Tom came out and sat in my lap during one of my breaks today. I thought the cat would be more afraid of an open fire, but he sat there and accepted the petting.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

82 is a good number to be at. Not many get to see it. You did take some chances as a kid, but now you've settled into the good life. Hope you get to see many more years ahead too. I never thought I'd reach 77 either, but that what I'll be this coming March. I don't take many chances these days either. Staying home for the most part and keeping safe. Life is good.

Mevely317 said...

I was never one to take chances; okay, I was a bit of a coward. 'Just glad you found a lady who'd make you WANT to change your wild ways. (LOL) I agree, age is but a number; the important thing is how you feel.

PS - I never thought it would happen, but there are days I FEEL 90.

Chatty Crone said...

Life is sure a mystery isn't it - some people live a long time and others don't - I think as you age you think about it more and more. I do.

yaya said...

After working in health care you really see how age is just a number. I've seen 50 yr olds who look like a bad 80. And folks like you and Sherry who look 50! Your health is your best asset. I grew up with the freedom kids today can't have. As long as we were home by the 6 o'clock fire station whistle we were good and didn't miss dinner! It is amazing we didn't get into more situations than we did. Roaming the streets of Chicago at age 11 would not be done today! Getting back home to the suburbs was the goal!

Lisa said...

Well I kept my parents worried all the time. Haha.
I worry about my daughter everyday living up there in the big city. She takes runs in the dark of morning and wont listen to me when ask her not to run alone.
I wish the days were back where the kids could wonder into mischief and make it home safe by supper time.