Thursday, June 5, 2014

There are times I wonder, then there are times I WANDER.

chasing cats

Yes, even the minority, us smart folk who know it all, wonder.  After I type that, I think it looks silly. But still I wonder. I wonder why I worry about things I can do nothing about.  Wonder is not the same as WORRY is it?  I wonder.



to speculate, doubt, question, be unsure, marvel, be in awe, surprise, astonished, awe, amazed, etc…


I guess Wonder for me falls under amazed, doubt and to be unsure. I believe one question of years past in melody was: Who wrote the book of Love?  Another was tell me why the ivy twines, why the ocean is blue or the stars shine, tell me that and I will tell you just why I love you. 


I can remember when I was in my 50’s there was no problem in finishing the things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket. Now I begin to wonder?  And then I accuse myself of adding to the list.  Can one accuse themselves?  I Wonder.

When I say I wonder about some folk. What I mean is, ‘I am concerned about their sanity.’

I honestly wonder about global warming being caused by man and global warming as a natural thing of nature. I wonder how someone can be so positive that they have the answer.

I wonder how someone can think it is fine, logical and right, to kill a member of their family whom they say has caused shame in their family.

Then I wonder if I would do the same if I was raised under that code?

I have noticed that I wonder about things I can do nothing about.  But still I wonder.

Again, maybe wonder is not the same as worry, but close. I hate to worry. Worry takes away sleep. Worry causes stress. I don’t think wonder causes too much stress.

THE kiss

I truly wonder why I love to WANDER?  Wander is much more fun than WONDER in the sense that I use it.

So soon we will return to wandering. I am fortunate my Sherry has also been bitten by the wanderlust.

the right pacifier

I know you are tired of hearing about the Appalachian Trail, and my plans to finish it.  My Girl, whose idea this was, has bowed out. She no linger feels it is safe for her to carry a pack. So  soon our wanderlust will take us back to Maine where she may visit with a friend, after turning me loose to do some solo hiking.

The Happy Wanderer

I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.

Valderie………… Valdera!

Anyway my entry is over and I wonder why I have done this. hahahahaha

Nite Shipsog



I declare Burt Lancaster sang that song in a move, but I cannot find it.



from woodie 2

Just a reminder, I wonder is you remember there is a thing such as SNOW(Stolen from Woody’s blog)

1941 Graham hollywood

I like this Graham, WONDER why you do not see Grahams today?


Cindi said...

It's a delicate option...I choose wandering, no wondering about it...enjoy ur day..

Sara S. said...

A wondering mind, is a healthy mind. When you fail to wonder, you fail to live. So keep on wondering and keep on living!

Jackie said...

It is good to think out loud....and sharing your thoughts stirs up the same wonderings within my mind, Jack.
And....don't ever stop adding to your list. Keep on keeping on. That keeps us going...keeps us fresh and motivated...the looking forward to finishing the list. Yes. Keep adding to that list. Never think the list is finished. Never.
Sending you hugs,

Unknown said...

I laughed out loud when I read the line, "I wonder about some folks."
Jack, you have a wonderful life. ;-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wonder and wandering are not bad things to do at all I'm glad you can still hike that trail... I would not be able too. We all need some goals in life to keep us moving forward. I don't really have any realistic things I'd like to accomplish right now. Oh I have the everyday to do list, but nothing big like you have. Hope you get on your way soon!

Yaya Snaps said...

my favorite of all the pictures is the child asleep leaning against the dog who is slurping on the kids pacifier :)

I miss the wandering but that's OK...16 years of wandering, while not enough, was certainly marvelous!

now you've got me "wondering" about that song that Burt Lancaster might have now I'm going to have to do some investigating :)

betty said...

So cute with all the pictures of babes and dogs :)

I don't think wonder is worry. Wonder is deep thinking or prolonged thinking about a particular subject or multiple subjects. Worry is thinking about such items but adding in anxiety and stress. So you just go ahead and wonder and wander all you want, Jack!

I do enjoy reading your adventures on the Applachian Trail. I hope you get to finish it!


shirl72 said...

I try not to spend time wondering
what will happen but I wonder.
I wonder if I will finish the job of cleaning.

Love the babies and dogs.

Paula said...

As you know I like to wander down country roads but not so far that I can't get back to my own bed at night. I wonder if I would feel different if I carried my bed with me like you and Sherry do. Like this entry.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, chuckled aloud at your, "wondering about some folk."
I think it's comforting, in this age of acronyms and young-people-speak I only pretend to understand, that there's still 'regular-folk-speak.'

This was such a fun read!
... but now I can't quit humming the happy wanderer.

Rick Watson said...

Great post. I too, find myself wandering (and wondering) a lot these days.


Wondering is a good thing. Never have had the wanderlust bug bite me. If you're happy, follow your heart.