Monday, June 9, 2014

The bathroom

Work is coming along.

Workshop2 007

To keep this in perspective above is our chest of drawers stored in the corner. Washer and dryer to the left. The picture below is that corner where the tub is installed.


Below the next two pictures show the floor covering installed and our $39 vanity.


The commode flange is already set between the tub and vanity. In this picture the Vanity is not hooked up, just put together. (faucets cost more than the vanity).


Of course the Washer and Dryer had to be moved out to get the floor covering down.

Below is the 3” vent pipe thru the ceiling of the storgage building next door.


Of course the topside does not show the major work in a tight place the under side area of plumbing. the pipe lying there is waiting for installation and to be tied into the local sewer lines.


So today I hope to get the wall in, at the end of the tub and get the sewer close to the city hook up.

This stuff is always fun, the bills are not Too high so far. Surprised smileWinking smile but I am getting some looks from the ‘Minister of Finance’, as my friend Fred would say.

Nite Shipslog


Maybe I can get an early start today.


Studebaker that never was Louis

I got this from Friend Louis, called the “Studebaker that Never was”.

Looks like a Packard to me.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Another great job well done. It's amazing what you have fit into that small space. You really did have some tight places to work in there. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and your plans for the day work out as you want.

Cindi said...

I hate creepy crawly spaces, but that space didnt look too bad. Job well done, looks great

Unknown said...

Good job, Jack. Be sure to remind the Minister of Finance what a good deal she's getting with the cheap labor, LOL!


Looks good so far. It'll be nice to take a bath instead of a shower. ENJOY!

Stephanie Faris said...

I LOVE that car. You're going to love your bathroom when it's finished. We're looking at houses and a nice bathroom is a top priority.

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, you work quickly!

Mostly, I'm envious of your ability to look at something 'as is' ... then imagine what might be. Tom's like that, too; while I've brain-freeze.


shirl72 said...

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betty said...

It does look like a mighty small space to work in, but it looks like you are progressing right along, Jack!


Paula said...

I see a nice hot bubble bath in Sherry's future.

Sheila Y said...

You are coming along very nicely. You'll have it finished and on to the next project in no time. I'm sure the minister of finance appreciates having a handy man that can do the job. That in itself saves a lot of dough...:-D Take care, Sheila