Friday, June 20, 2014

Sherry is ever the lady.

She will not go shopping with me with her work clothes on, so she lets me go alone sometimes.
Studio APT 001
This is what you see right now, when you walk in the door. Below you see what I bought today, the sink cabinet. We finished them natural since they are oak. And NO! I do  not have any pictures of Sherry painting, my hands are usually too sticky and dirty to handle the camera, and she doesn’t do selfies.(smile)
Studio APT 002
I was actually just lucky, I did not even think of the distance needed between the wall and that window for the cabinets. I only had to notch the edge of the counter top to get it to fit.
Studio APT 003
This is looking from that sink cabinet to the back corner. It is starting to look like living quarters. Those are a few of our picture albums.
Studio APT 004
This is looking back to the entry door, you see the other window and the oak table that will double as an eating table and computer table probably.
Studio APT 005
Back in the bathroom the walls and shelves are painted and the tops of the washer/dryer are Cluttered.
Studio APT 006
I did get the cheap accordion door hung for the closet, and you can see my OLD denim jacket.
Studio APT 007Studio APT 008
Another look at the Bitchen, the combo Bedroom and kitchen. We are still not positive what to do with the head board. At first I thought it might be good behind the Futon (when we get it!).
Not as tired as before, but worn out from frustration. We painted the cabinets outside, and not too long after that a huge black cloud headed in. I sanded the first coat and applied the final coat before the wind came up and blew over a bookshelf cabinet about blew over the cabinets and we were rushing to get to Reece’s birthday party. We made it.
Tomorrow, we shop for the sink and fixtures, then try to hang the wall cabinets and plumb the sink. It should be a busy but productive day.
Nite Shipslog
It feels good when the major jobs are completed and you are coasting down hill to the finish line.
1975 Caprice


Paula said...

When a lady goes shopping in her work clothes she will run into someone she knows every time. However I have to do it sometime as John has so much trouble finding things by himself with his sight problem. I did one selfie and it looks like a ghost with my pale skin and my hair is turning white.


It is shaping up to be a nice living area. Sherry is right not to go out in her work clothes. It's ok for men to do it, but us ladies have to look spiffy.

betty said...

That would be cute to see a selfie of the two of you :)

Fun to watch the progress of your and Sherry's building project.


Jean said...

I have been repairing an old swing and got it painted this week. Grover said he couldn't believe it would have looked that good. He doesn't brag on what I do all that much, and I was supprised.ha. All your and Sherry's work looks great. Thanks for sharing it with us bloggers. Jean

Annesphamily said...

Your living quarters are looking lovely. You two are so creative and ambitious. I need to borrow some of that energy please. Have a beautiful weekend.

shirl72 said...

Area looking good. You and Sherry
have been busy and working hard.
Hope you soon get to a place where
you can rest. Bring the headboard
on over I still have room.

I think I see a Callaway Mills
beach towel..what memories. I have
one just like it..funny.

Mevely317 said...

We need more ladies like Sherry, who hold themselves to a Certain Standard, and less .... ummm .... I'm inclined to say, 'People of Wal-Mart.' (Know I mean)
... but that wouldn't be very nice to Mr. Walton's memory.

I had to smile -- that cabinet you picked up is the same one sitting just a few feet away from me in the master bath.

Don't over-do today, OK?

Jackie said...

A job well done, Jack.
And, Sherry is ever the lady.
Love you both,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's really hard to believe that is the same space. It looks like a bedroom and kitchen now. Glad you have to take some time out to enjoy the's good to get away from work now and then. Hopefully it will soon be done. You two do some mighty fine work together.

Sheila Y said...

I believe we had a bookshelf just like that one in our early days. Jarin would much rather have a futon in her room than her bed...I guess she should have told us that before we got rid of the one we had when we moved to Mobile..(and before we bought the new bedroom set she has here)ha. Take care and stay cool, it's hot and muggy out there if you haven't noticed... ;)Sheila