Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Challenge

I like a challenge, one where if I lose no one gets hurt. I see what I consider IMPOSSIBLE  CHALLENGES. I do not like ‘death defying’ challenges. I do not doubt they are exhilarating, but I don’t need that much to keep my blood pumping. Things such as This:


 Climbing a sheer rock wall does not appeal to me..


Climbing a frozen water fall or picnicking hanging on a rope, Not for me.


They call that sky walking, I call the guy on the peak, well, that is one of the ones I wonder about.


Now, my high dive is from 15 ft. not a hundred ft. between rock walls, no way.


I cannot ride a unicycle, but if I was a certified expert, I would not do that!


I am sure the guy above is comfortable, maybe this is not even a challenge to him, but I would be a nervous wreck.


I have been a camper since my youth, but never in my wildest dreams did I want to hang on a cliff and sleep. To me that ain’t camping, dat is crazy!

My challenge is:

Hot water and minnie 002

Above is the left side where I am working.

Workshop2 007The right side and end. where I am working.  Sherry helped me remove everything from this area and 8 ft into the storage building. I plan to have a bath tub where you see our chest of drawers and a commode about where the shelves on the right are.

Sherry stopped me and asked seriously if this was too much of a challenge?  I do like this kind of challenge. We plan to put a small tub in, I even look forward to it.

My answer? I am enjoying this. It is already refloored and ready for the tub. Which we will pick up this morning.  .

With that I quit.

Nite Shipslog

PS. I get crazy ideas like this.



I randomly picked this 1964 Corvair. We owned a 1963, it handled like a dream, I loved the little car.


Paula said...

I'm with you, no dare devil stunts for me. The wildest thing I ever did was ride The Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas. Never again on that one either and it isn't even wild compared to some of the rides they have now. I can imaging you would feel very comfortable installing the bathtub and commode and like you say enjoy it.

betty said...

I can't imagine camping out on that cliff; no, not for me, none of them!

Now your challenge, Jack, I do believe is doable. I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures of it soon too!



Certainly sounds challenging to say the least. But I'm sure you'll get it done.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some challenges are good for us and stretch our imaginations and motivate us to do more too. Your kind of challenge is good, the others you had pictured gave me chills as I don't do well with heights of any kind even seeing the pictures made my belly flop. The challenge here at my house today is fixing dinner for close to 20 people. We're celebrating some June birthdays. Hope you both have a great Sunday there!

shirl72 said...

My challenge experience was riding Tweetsie Railroad and the fake gun battle in Blowing Rock, NC.

I think the people in these
pictures have a death wish. Not
for me...

Unknown said...

Jack, I like your "well-grounded" perspective on challenges.

Rose said...

Those dare devil challenges is certainly not for me and glad not for you either.

Your challenges are from your extreme talents which I admire.