Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blog of Comments… I missed you guys….

It seems like a week, but only a couple days. We took Sherry’s laptop, BUT I did not take the charger. So after reading the blogs, the battery died…. NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE A BLOG OF COMMENTS,

I want to say: Paula, I hope that was Hopper, and I never heard of an incognito Radio Station either. (LOL) AND that sure was a TOSSED SALAD! (smile)

Myra my dear… The house that was “built for me” (Was built by me) and was on Main Street in our home town. Everything We ever wanted including the indoor heated pool, BUT we sold and built a duplex, that is titled as  Condos. Yes I miss it some, but not enough to fret. We were going to travel and could not want to leave a pool and folks with keys taking a chance of someone being injured (or worse). It may be hard to believe but I love this motor home more.

That was neat, you winning the Chic. Soup for the Soul and autographed no less. SWEET……


Rose, of Roses are Read! What a list, and no, I did not know most of the list. Someone looks like me? Wow (lucky gal or guy! smile).

What  other people think of you- is  none of your business. (Boy do I like that one…)

An amazing list. It was a Joy to read. (Side bar, pic of you in 2014 snow, somehow I missed it, or my mind is slipping!) We are looking for a 2014 portrait shot!

BONNIE over at Organic Discourse134 stink bugs off 6 ‘mater plants? Wow. Also never thought of the gas in the lawn mower but will check for ethanol next time I buy…

LUCY, my love from Nebraska…. I saw some bad weather on the motel TV about your area. Hope those TS’s and Twisters missed you. PS: Joe is right, Sleep ‘til 10! OH, I know some folk cannot sleep in and I really hate that. You are missing a good part of life (But that is just a sailor’s opinion)

And I too wish I could clean out everything not needed on the system BUT I also wish I knew who to believe about the best way to do it. IT IS CONFUSING!

Ma, Over at “What is New at My House?” I love that quote of Grandma Moses you opened with, “Life is what we make of it, always has been, always will be!”

Counting her blessing, and remembering what she has. You are always an encourager MA, never a down time… thanks…

Oh yes the Boomer from the NC mountains. I cannot believe there is ever trouble in paradise with Miss Kitty, Mia and Max! (smile)

Rick over at life 101, Happy Birthday to Anthony!

Coming back from the funeral we had visited 5 states. Tired but ready to get back home. I just tucked my girl in her bed and she said, “I missed my bed……” (written last nite)

Nite Shipslog


I have ‘things to say’ about our days out…. Next blog entry including Nantahala Gorge.


1948 Desota business coupe

I saw one of these in the gorge yesterday

1948 Desoto Coupe…


Mevely317 said...

I enjoyed this cute commentary, Jack!
... But mostly enjoyed knowing the two of you are safely home.
Sherry's spot-on: Coming home to one's OWN bed is the best.

Back Porch Writer said...

The charger is the first thing packed at my house! lol hope you all are doing well! My Katy has got a teaching job in 3rd grade! Can you believe that!

betty said...

Glad you guys got back home safe and sound, Jack and Sherry. There truly is no better place to be than sleeping in one's own bed to get a restful night of sleep.


Unknown said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Thanks for the comments.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are back and I know your
friends were glad to see you.
I was surprised to see you at
Church. Sorry about the death
of a Friend. As Brother would
say "One never knows does one".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You were missed for sure ! Glad you made it back safe and sounds. Thanks for the comments, they are always appreciated !

Dar said...

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack !!! What a long 10 days packing in TX moving my baby sis, Colleen,back home. Four days on the road also, was enough. Fast and furious but we made it home safe and sound with only one downpour just as we crossed back into WI. We got her unpacked half way before another shower, then finished the next day. Ever since then we've been trying to find each room among all the boxes, totes, and furniture. All the siblings are home now, cept for Cher. It's a great time.
I see I have a whole lot of reading to do and I also see you guys have been just as busy. So it goes on this earth, eh?


Happy to hear you are back safe and sound. Loved the comments you made to all the blog posts you missed while gone. I always have TWO chargers wherever I go. One in the suitcase and one in the car.

Paula said...

Glad you two are home safe and sound.

Lucy said...

I am happy you missed us. We missed the storm. I missed you and Sherry to. Are you done with your finishing of your major project???.