Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I was so tired, yesterday, but did accomplish a lot.

I thought I had posted the entry for yesterday but did not until late last night.

Anyway I did finish the major plumbing tasks and had only one leak, it is under the vanity and NO I did not fix it yet. It is a SLOOOW drip.

bathroom 002

I covered the ditch, then checked out the supply lines under pressure. As you can see the place it still cluttered.

bathroom 001

The tub surround is sitting there ready to be installed, but I ain’t ready yet.

bathroom 003

Close up on the tub. it is all plumbed , but I will wait until after the surround is installed for the trim work. the black spots are screw heads still needing to be filled.

bathroom 004

Just after building the storage shed, I took a hundred or so of framed family pictures and hung them. I suggested leaving them and not painting, by Sherry is a spoil sport.  She finally agreed to leave the end wall covered with pic’s (maybe).bathroom 005

Above are grand kidss that will have to be moved since that is the shower head you see on the right. Of course the shelf must come down and a place found for the contents.

But all in all the worst of the work associated with the plumbing is done.

Thanks for stopping by. (This entry may not make sense!)

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It's looking good. Don't know how you find the energy to do it all.

Unknown said...

Good job!

shirl72 said...

I just got through commenting on
one blog and here is another.
Hope you are through with outside
work and can move inside the weather
is in the 90's. I get tired
watering my garden and the rain
came and helped.

Cindi said...

everything looking good!!!

Paula said...

It makes sense. You worked hard and did a great job.

Mevely317 said...

Regardless that the pix have to come down, I think it's neat how you've hung them there -- almost like benevolent oversee-ers.
(Allright, that's probably not a word, but I'm tuckered out, myself.)

betty said...

Entry made perfect sense, Jack! Its coming along great! I kind of like the pictures on the wall, over the paint :)


Rose said...

Sherry is so lucky to have you!

You can fix and do anything around the house.

I'm sure that leak is fixed by now knowing you.

Happy Father's Day!