Monday, September 14, 2015

My e-mails are beginning to worry me!

Samples of my e-mails:

**Think of your family, Check out our burial and cremation prices.

**Leaky bladder?  We have the answer…..

**Rub a dub dub, you need a walk in tub….

**Your last thought, Burial insurance…..

**Rest Assured in a crowd, our pads hold more liquid…

**Cover those Medicare costs, remember your family!

**Feeling tired, irritable and just worn out?

**Our Scooters are covered by Medicare.

**The best walker, YOU can BE and LOOK independent.

And then I get this:  **Check out our ‘secret’ hotel deals. (I am wondering why they are secret? With the problems above, am I about to have a romantic interlude?)

I know businesses dealing with the internet know about cookies.  I read about them, but still do not understand them. But somehow these folk know I am a SENIOR citizen and might possibly be interested in the things listed above.

Cookies?  Oatmeal is my preference, Of course Choc Chip is Sherry’s.

Sherry and I are blessed with good health. I do take a multi-vitamin and a ‘D’ prescribed by my Dr. Sherry and I take 20mg Pravastatin for Cholesterol.

Sherry takes ‘20’ different vitamins  and oils (that is a guess Winking smile) but she does have one prescribed by her Dr.

When we are interviewed by someone in the medical profession they expect more.

I attribute my health to fruit, I love fruit (and of course a good partner).

Sherry attributes hers to Chocolate, the girl loves Chocolate.

Life is good.

Nite Shipslog


Wow, the 1979’s are here…. The car of the future..


When I become an old guy on the road, I want the ‘tank’ above.


No Gremlin, it was 70-78. It amazed me. It was listed as one of the ugly cars, it was not good on gas, but it stuck around 8 yrs. AMC was determined, but wrong.  ha!

The Trans-AM is dateless. What a car that was!


betty said...

I too am not sure how cookies work when it comes to advertising, but it is clever how they work. I can look up something and then every site I seem to visit will have an advertisement of what I looked up on it. Same with emails generated by companies. Whoever came up with the concept of them was very clever indeed.

My favorite cookie to eat is chocolate chip :) Yum!

It is a blessing to have good health indeed!


Jackie said...

What is kind of scary to me is after I have Googled something ( last week I was looking at light fixtures for the dining room) and then VOILA! out of nowhere, ads keep popping up on my sidebar for light fixtures.
Somebody somewhere is watching.
Jack... I have been missing seeing you at my blog. I haven't been as faithful blogging as I used to be, but I miss my old friends who were always faithful, even when I wasn't. Please, stop by and let me know you are doing well.
If you can't get to my blog for some reason, please, drop me an email and let me hear how you've been doing.
I'd love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Jack, I don't know about those spam emails. I get some of the same kind, and I'm not yet a senior citizen. I diligently mark them as "spam" without opening them. I'm not sure that has made much difference.

Paula said...

Yep they are always trying to creamate us too and our afternoon nap is always interrupted by someone trying to sell us something. Good post.

Mevely317 said...

Knock wood, I've not seen many spam e-mails lately. Wish there was a 'junk' filter for the U.S. Postal Service tho'! Now I'm sure there are many fine men and women who work for the USPS, but personally, I wouldn't lose sleep if it closed shop and went away. Remember when daily mail-call used to be a big deal? If we check our box once a week, that's a big deal.

PS - Normally I'm not bothered by junk mail, but a couple years ago, right after Tom's diagnosis I happened to grab the mail before him, and here's a big old flyer about cremation services. Call me paranoid, but for a while there I suspected doctors' offices of selling their patients' lists to advertisers.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to hear you two are keeping healthy. Good health is a blessing! I enjoy fruit too. I just made some homemade applesauce this week and it is good stuff.

Glenda said...

Agree with y'all (Betty and Jackie comments above), it is weird and sort of scary that those ads pop up and not even from the site I was searching. Too much shared information and tracking.
Good to know you're on minimum meds, look forward to news about your surgery outcome!

Rick Watson said...

I'll turn 65 my birthday so every day my mailbox is stuffed with Medicare offers. I guess that's the way of it.
I think you guys move a good bit which I think movement is A factor to staying healthy.
Eating rightt, exercise, seat belts, and cute wives give you and me an unfair advantage over a lot of guys:)