Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Winning Big!

I have mentioned several times on this Blog that I do buy a lottery ticket. I have had a lot of folk say, “I thought you did not believe in gambling.”  Now most churches I have attended and been a member of in my nearly 77 years have been apposed to gambling and even the lottery, I always wonder if they would turn down my 10%.  I did read of one church that refused lottery winnings. That is their business.

We all justify what we do, so I justify mine as entertainment. We seldom go to a movie 1 or 2 in 15 years. I have never rented a movie. I do not play golf, work has always been my entertainment.   I don’t work now (on a job) so I buy a lottery ticket, cheaper than Golf and I don’t get mad. I while away a few hours in a week planning to spend this windfall.

Since my daddy taught me to give to worthy causes, at least 20-25% of a BIG WIN would be given to worthy causes other than my family.  I have a list of folks I would like to give a donation to.  I have several churches and pastors also that can use a large donation. I am not sure I would donate to a charity.  I guess if I did it would be the Salvation Army.  Their admin costs are lower than other charities.  I know some seniors who struggle to make ends meet and still have a mortgage. I would like to pay their mortgages off.

I would bet I get more enjoyment out of day dreaming than many men get out of Golf. Day dreaming I have never got mad enough to throw a club! Winking smile.


Gambling? I used to gamble every year buying my deer license, and never harvested a deer.  Shucks if I’d got one I would have called Bill or Slim up in the North Woods to find out what to do!  But I gambled $35 every year and lost. (but I did eat well out in the woods)

You are sort of a gambler when you drive your car, there is a chance you will have a wreck, Surprised smile.  Is taking a chance the same as gambling?

Anyway, besides your family, if you play, and actually won, who would benefit?

A man was always praying to God that he would win the lottery, Week after week. One evening when the man was seriously talking to God about the lottery he heard this voice, “Help me out here John, buy a ticket!”

You don’t win without a ticket.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, in order to win you do have to buy a ticket. We all take risks of some kind or another. I took a risk when I got married, but it was certainly worth it. There are those that do go overboard when it comes to gambling and that is where the problems start. I think you could have worse hobbies than buying your ticket. Hope some winnings come your way !

Mevely317 said...

"Help me out ... buy a ticket." As my granddaughters might say, I'm LMAO! :)

Not being a member of the Roman Catholic church, I can't say this for sure -- but weren't they noted for hosting weekly Bingo? Guess I don't understand the other churches pointing fingers and taking themselves so seriously.
Like Ma said, as long as folks don't go overboard or develop a gambling habit, others need to mind their own business.

betty said...

At one of the churches we went to, one of the members enjoyed gambling. The ushers (who counted the offering) always knew when he had "won big" because there were lots of one dollar bills in the collection. Got to give him credit, he just gave it, didn't expect anything back (like to write it off taxes). Gambling, like everything else, if done in moderation is not a bad thing :)


Paula said...

I agree with everything you say here. We were just talking about buying a ticket for tonight, haven't bought one in ages. I would love to give big tips if I won. I've started reading The Vacation and I do like it very much. Still can't find your e-mail address and I should know it.

shirl72 said...

When a person is gambling and their family is going without, I think that is wrong. I don't see anything wrong with buying a ticket.
Everything we do is taking a chance. Leaving home is taking a chance hoping we get back home. Getting into public in today's world is
taking a change we want get robbed in the parking lot. Buy 2 tickets.

Rick Watson said...

We buy a lotto ticket every time we go through a state that has them. I think it's worth a dollar just to imagine what I'd do. Who I'd help anonymously.
You're right, that's entertaining to me.