Tuesday, September 22, 2015

YES, Fifty-nine years of marriage

our wedding 2 001

L-R. Mama, dad, Wiley & Susie Harris (Sherry’s mom &  dad), Sherry and the lucky guy. 22SEPT56

Lots of jokes told about Mothers in law, I even told a couple in the beginning, but I had the best mother-in-law any man could have.

I  married into a good family. There has NEVER been friction with Sherry’s siblings nor mine. I loved having Sherry’s mama come stay with us, even in our trailer, the closeness was no problem.

Sherry’s sisters and their husbands were my best friends.  I do love her family, but they had NO BEARING on me wanting  this girl, she was sweet and a knock-out!

As a young man I made a lot of promises. It took many years and seven or eight careers, but I think WE accomplished all my promises and dreams, even excelled in some.

Sherry is the level headed one here, well except when she decided we should hike the Appalachian Trail, that was a little unbalanced. Winking smile . WE made it 1850 miles.

hiking various 014hiking various 021hiking various 022

This girl has lived with me with not ONE complaint in: Trailers, vans, apartments, tents, campers, a converted chicken house, nice homes and a Motor Home.

After settling down for a little while I might  say,  “I’m quitting my job, I think I want to run a Roach Coach.”  She would smile and say, “What ever you say.”  There were times we lived off her salary or mine alone, then both salaries.  Her idea when we both worked was to live off one salary and save the other. She was budget conscience. We did that for years.

At times I thought, ‘I’ am doing great.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always appreciated Sherry and her contribution to our marriage because we were a team, but for years I did not REALLY APPRECIATE her every talent rolled into one beautiful wife.

Then I had an ‘Epiphany’

(Epiphany…. usually a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something)

It was late at night, I was not asleep. I was at a desk. I wasn’t thinking of our marriage or us. When all of a sudden it hit me like a bolt of lightening. “Sherry is not ‘just your wife, lover or partner’, she is YOU.  Without her you would not be complete. If not for her you would still be following some unreachable star, unsettled. She has made you  what you are. She has been the anchor, albeit a sea anchor**, that has allowed small salaries to appear big, made some of your wild dreams become real, allowed you just enough investing room, so if you lost, you would not lose. You have never really appreciated this LADY, There is still time, Do it.”

I did not know what an Epiphany was, but I knew I had one.

I am not declaring that was divine. I am saying I realized it was true.  Since that time I have tried to let her know she is the best. The top of the line. There were times we  had very little and times we had abundance. In the abundance I think I was guilty of thinking. ‘I have done well’, and I had, but NOT BY MYSELF!

Anyway, I love you Sherry, you are my star, my love, my life.  Your rudder and faith have guided us. My prayer is we will have many more years together. We are a good TEAM!

Nite Shipslog

**Sea Anchor. a drag typically of canvas thrown overboard to retard the drifting of a ship or seaplane and to keep its head to the wind.

Shirl and Son Jack surprised us early yesterday with a little party:



WE owned this ‘50 Chevy Coupe when we married.


some of our vehicles over the years

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Paula said...

Wishing you both a very happy anniversary. A lovely tribute to your sherry and your marriage.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Happy anniversary Jack and Sherry. You're an inspiration to us all!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Anniversary ! You two are so blessed to have each other ! I loved looking at all your vehicles over the years. What a unique way to show off your years together ! Congratulations on 59 wonderful years !

Unknown said...

Congratulations to you both! You two are an inspiration.

Glenda said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! What a lovely idea for a surprise party, wishing you a great day and many more years of wedded bliss :)

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary to both of you!

betty said...

Happy anniversary Sherry and Jack!!! Wishing you many more!!! Definitely a match made in heaven!! I loved the epiphany you had about Sherry and you, Jack; its how all marriages should be.

Enjoy your special day!


Jackie said...

What a beautiful love story you two share! You have a marriage that is strong and a family who loves one another. What amazing blessings you have!
Happy anniversary to Jack and Sherry.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary Jack and Sherry !

shirl72 said...

Happy Anniversary to both. You both have been around the world together and happy. Our Parents would be very happy to know you both
are happy. When need to celebrate when we can we are not promised tomorrow. Come 60 we will celebrate again.

Mevely317 said...

This. This is the good stuff.
Hallmark should be envious.

Happy anniversary to you shining stars, and many more!

Lisa said...

You two are perfect examples on how Marriage should work. Your a great inspiration!

keep Loving like crazy.