Friday, September 11, 2015

The Question I have NEVER been asked before.

I learned  I must talk to the anesthesiologist before I could continue the procedure. I thought It was to tell me what she was going to do.  Instead it was more questions. Understandable ones, like are you allergic to:  and named a list. Do you have joint replacements, dentures, implanted metal and so on.
Since I lost my hearing My girl goes with me as far as she can. that day she was sitting right beside me as the questions were asked. Then she asked sorta off handed, “Have you had sex with more than ten different partners?” I was stunned into silence at first. Then I acted like I was counting on my fingers while looking at Sherry,  and then She and I had a good laugh.
We met in our teens. She was a straight laced  Girl who thought “You Gotta Have a License”. I DO NOT JUDGE anyone’s lives, but Sherry and I were Ignorant fumbling, bumbling  teenagers on our one night honeymoon. WE have both thought at times, maybe ‘SHE should have given in’ during one of those passionate smooching sessions. AAAAAAA - Copy  Sure would have been easier on this boys body, hahahaha . I have never thought she had an affair, and I know I haven’t. There is one thing I do know, if I did have, she would be gone.
Anyway I had to answer NO!
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PS: Sherry and I were engaged.  A close friend got married months before we did. An ignorant teenager in the 50’s, I asked Dale, who was also a virgin when he and Hazel were married. “Hey Dale, sex is a lot like French Kissing, isn’t it?”
He had red hair and fair skin, he smiled, turned red and said, “Not even close Jack, not even close.”
Boy was he right.

(That is my XXX rated entry for the year, maybe ever once Sherry reads this. hahahaha)
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Mevely317 said...

LOL! I wonder why they feel compelled to ask that sort of question ... particularly in front of one's spouse!

Truly, your and Sherry's love story is refreshing.

Paula said...

I don't think I understand that question. What would it matter if it was three or ten? Funny!

betty said...

I wonder why the "magical" number of 10 was the number asked. Glad to hear your answer was no to that one :)


shirl72 said...

Hope you are doing OK and not to much pain. Be careful so you want
get an infection. Will check with Sherry to see if you all need
me to do anything. Just keep getting better and take care of ear...
The question you were ask had nothing to do with you having surgery.
First time I have heard that. That has to be something new.

Glenda said...

this one made me smile, so remember you two "smooching" ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've had surgery before but never had a question like that asked. Ha! Strange but funny. Maybe she was trying to be humorous? Hope you are taking good care and getting better !

JeanJournal said...

Your blog is always a treat! and get better soon. I was in the hospital for a week after I had a stroke and am home now and thankful FOR THE GOOD LORD!!! and for the good doctors and my children who are so much help and joy! ~~~ I am 83 and feeling good again but kinda knowing tomorrow may never be mine SO I LIVE AND LAUGH AND SING AS I ENJOY EVERY DAY!!!!!!! ~~~ and Jack ~ your Sherry is so PRESCIOUS and so are you, JeanJournal

Rick Watson said...

You should have asked her, "At one time?" That would have put it back in her lap :)

Jimmy's Journal said...

Enjoyed the entry. I laughed out loud at your finger counting experience. The next time they ask you that question, ask them if they're referring to catered or uncatered.


Lisa said...

And as I sit here enjoying my breakfast, Im thinking...."They still ask that question?" and what does it have to do with hearing?" lol.

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