Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Bridges

Friend  Rick over in the state of Bama had a picture of an old concrete bridge on his blog, one from the past, one that allowed you could to see the water.

Got me to thinking how much I love bridges when we are traveling in the motor home. There was a time in a car you could enjoy the rivers, creeks and ravines as you  crossed, but now in a car you usually see only concrete. I realize it is for safety’s sake.  In the Motor home we are high enough tat we can still enjoy the views.


For some reason many highway builders have a tough time matching road levels with the bridge and you get a bump going on and a bump going off.  That aside I still appreciate the view.


Another thing that rubs my last nerve raw is North Carolina DOT will spend a million or more to destroy a bridge when they build a new one on a slightly different route. Case in point, our South Fork River. The bridge area has been the sight of so much fun and entertainment for years. It is a great fishing spot. I fished there in 1954-55.

fishig from an old Pass bridge

They built a new wide bridge just 75 feet from the old bridge, then they tore it down. They could have left it up for fishermen. They could have even made a small park there and paid for portable toilets for 100 years for the price they paid to destroy it and haul it off. Not only that they were determined to keep folks from fishing, they posted no parking signs 1/10th of a mile either side. 


They gave so many tickets they finally had to remove the signs.  It is a poor family’s entertainment. Family fishing and also brings in some food, but the ‘elite’ do not like it and it looks so, so, uncouth or something to them. Deep sea fishing would be better, if you must fish! (Yeah right).

The state of Florida does that. The old bridges make excellent fishing platforms.


Once in Tucson, AZ we attended a Sons of The Pioneers Chuck wagon dinner. The MC made a statement that cracked us up: “If you don’t associate bridges with water, you might be from Arizona.” (If you don’t know out west that are hundreds of bridges with no water under them)

Nite Shipslog


PS I ain’t doing much on the computer , but I had this prepared entry thought I would throw it on while My doctor is out. She is gone to the store.

I misjudged how much this would take out of me. It has just been a day now and it seems like a week. hahahaha

I have never had a tube down my throat, now I can sympathize with those who have. A little raw. I don’t understand why my jaw is sore (ha) and to be honest I just noticed I am sore all over.  Do you tense up or something when you are out?


Gotta go..


Elizabeth said...

Glad to see that your procedure is over and all went well. I have never had a tube in my throat but I would imagine it would leave it sore.I have always loved bridges also. We do have many old bridges in Florida for fishing off of.

Paula said...

Mind your doctor now. Hope you feel much better soon.

betty said...

LOL with the bridges in the west; so true! So many will have a sign that you are going over a river but you look down and there's no water in there.

I think it would have been neat not to have torn that bridge down and to use it as a fishing pier indeed. People sometimes ruin so many others fun.

Hopefully you'll start feeling better soon! Do mind Sherry though and follow the doctor's instructions!


Mevely317 said...

Ha! Immediately, this made me think of gal-pal Debra who has a huge phobia about bridges ... can't even stand to look at them.

'Not sure how much time you and Sherry have spent on the Gulf coast of Florida. Are you familiar with the Sunshine Skyway bridge? Shortly after I moved there, the new concrete spans had not yet been completed. Both north and south-bound traffic had to pass on the same metallic see-through structure - right beside that which had been hit by the freighter. I'll never forget our 'first' time across, in the middle of a blinding thunderstorm and being able to see the water below us. Unnerving!

'Hope your discomfort quickly fades!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest is important now for you to heal. Take good care and mind your doctor !

Rick Watson said...

Thanks for the shout out Jack. The reason your jaw was sore is that the doctor decided to kill a kitty time and he went fishing down your throat. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
We have several of those bridges here that were left when the new highway went through.