Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family Tree and Occupations

(Note: Dr. Appt good, Implant to be fired up Oct15th)


I have been unable to determine where our family came from and what was their occupations before the late 1800’s. My first knowledge is the Great Great Greats being farmers in Georgia. On the side they were well diggers and dynamite handlers.


(Our family farmed with mules, I was the first person to own a tractor in our family, a beautiful 8N)

But I do know that my Grandpa Lonnie Darnell came to North Carolina awhile before the onset of the depression, hearing about work in the ‘cotton mills’. Daddy and mom were young marrieds with two sons and dad had been a Peanut Farmer, and wandered to Hollywood Florida for work. Then his dad in a letter said come to NC, there is work, other than farming.


Dad was camping working as a laborer and studying to become a minister, So they moved up. At that point many of the family were in NC working in the mills. Many of the men left NC & GA to fight in WWII, and on their return did not want to work in the mills. Then the majority turned to trucking. There must be an inner call in our blood about traveling.

50's truckertruckers aa

Since Truckers are so much part of my family, (a brother, several uncles and several cousins)  I am as courteous as possible to them on the road. I know they are hard working dudes putting in a lot of hours. I have only encountered one, maybe two who were intentionally nasty and cut me off in the motor home. I know guys in motor homes who have no sympathy for the drivers. My attitude is I am out here because it is my choice, I am retired and seldom on a tight schedule, so I can give a little.

trucker jacket and hat

My Brother used to make a weekly trip to NYC. He bought a 9” TV up there before most of us had ever seen one. I went to his house and we sat and watched the test pattern. Yep that was weird, but you must realize we were used to watching a radio. LOL. Uncle Hisure talked about making soup from water and ketchup and eating crackers before the big truck stops.


The 40-50’s were big on uniforms. The service station attendants wore hats. Then also the Truckers had their own style of hats.

WOW 58 Chevy

Sherry and I talked about going into trucking at one time, but never followed thru, but it was a good conversation topic during a lot of our long car rides.

WE love being on the road. I miss it now as we sit.

Nite Shipslog


Unless I can find some better pictures, I might give up on finishing this series.

In 1988, here are some of the New cars on the road:





I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got a good report and will soon be fired up as you say! I've known some truckers too, and they were definitely good people for sure. Everyone has a special gift, something they are good at and truckers are one of those gifted people. I couldn't imagine traveling all the time they way they do. I think it's different than traveling would be when you do it for pleasure. I couldn't imagine being a doctor or a nurse either, yet as a mom, I probably did do a little bit of all those things. It's overcast but in the 70's today. Hope you both are enjoying a pleasant Saturday there !

Paula said...

Reminds me of when my Daddy farmed with mules and both mules were struck by lightening and killed. Can't remember what happened after that, as I was very young.

Rick Watson said...

Good story Jack. I always try to be mindful of truckers. I can't recall the last time one was rude to me.
I like the road too but I'm not sure I could spend too much time away from mama's cookin'

shirl72 said...

I am to tired to write anything my mind has shut down. I think my
mind is in the History Files. Church and Family makes life very
interesting. You know I am on a plantations on Ann Drive. I have grown watermelons, cantelopes and I have grape tomatoes and 27 cotton plants growing on my deck. Cotton is a beautiful plant and I like to see
it form the bowls and remember what they make from cotton.

betty said...

I bet you can't wait until October 15th!!! I think trucking would be a great way of life for "young ones" or ones that have raised their children. Son had a friend whose dad was a trucker; lots of weeks he didn't come home; the advantage though was during summer when the kids got older he could take them with him and they got to see a lot of the country :)


Mevely317 said...

I still recall truckers being referred to as 'white knights of the highway.' Comforting feeling for a young child. Unfortunately, with their crazy schedules and insurance concerns, I guess that's no longer the case.
Silly perhaps, but I've always hoped to get a ride in one of those big buggies and see the interstate from their perspective. (Bet-cha it's better than the Tilt-a-Wheel!)

PS - Congratulations on getting the go-ahead from your doc!

Lisa said...

I had an 88 White Pontiac Fiero just like the one you have pictured. It was my first new car. Got behind on my payments, so dad (as the co-signer) took it from me. LOL.

Fun while it lasted.