Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1974 The cook

Carroll White and his wife Mary operate White’s Restaurant in East Belmont. They do a big local business. WE have eaten in restaurants in all fifty states and many countries and You will not beat Carroll’s simple eggs, I know it is silly, but his eggs are ‘pretty’ when they are brought out. I really cannot explain it, but do you know what I mean?


  There are times I admire the cook above a CEO. Like an artist he/she has no one to blame, with the cook, the buck does stop there.

If you do not ADMIRE the cook, you have never tried to cook a 4-5 course meal to feed from 4 to 30 hungry people.


I am a soup kinda guy.  I honestly do make delicious soup (Sherry says so).  I have tried cooking several things at one time but every time I do, either something is burned, cold or forgotten. Imma tell you dang it,  cooks are NOT APPRECIATED  enough.


I had a wonderful mother, preparing a meal she was artistry in motion. If it was  growing season she was sitting breaking beans or shelling peas into her apron.  While something was in the oven, and dough was rising, tea was ‘steeping’ and potatoes waiting to be peeled, corn to be shucked. ( Beds made, house cleaning already done). I never in my entire life saw mama use a recipe or measure anything.


When folks sat at her table they did not have to wait. The biscuits were hot just out of the oven, everything was done and in bowls or pots on the table. I don’t ever remember her saying, “ I’m sorry I forgot xyz”. 


I have built some beautiful homes. I have built a couple by myself, foundation to the roof (electrical and plumbing). But I am always in awe of the cook, whether it is at home or a cook at a restaurant.  I could NEVER do that, they have my admiration.

Oh, don’t forget the waitress, ain’t no way I would try their job. I admire them all, but the one that has time to chat, moves like an oiled clock, and has everything you need?  You want to hug ‘em.

Nite Shipslog

PS: We are off to see the wizard, today talk, tomorrow the implant.  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


Okay we are climbing the time line, nearly present day. Here are some 1974 cars…

1974_AMC_Ambassador_Brougham_4-door_sedan_beige - Copy1974_Ford_Mustang_II_CN7403-438 - Copy1974_Gremlin - Copy

They would not give upon the Gremlin… OUCH

1974_mercury_montego_mx_villager - Copy1974_Plymouth_Duster_Twister_Slant_6_For_Sale_Front_Side_1 - Copy1974-BMW-3.0-CSL-Batmobile - Copy1974BuickApolloGSX_01_15001974-dodge-challenger1974-Ferrari-365-GTB-41974-ford-mustang-ii-011974HondaCivic - Copy1974-Torino-Sport-700-x-469Ford-Pinto-USA-1974imperial1974lebaron4profile_editimperial-lebaron


Paula said...

Oh I didn't know it was going to be this soon. Ours prayers are with you and Sherry. I appreciate cooks too and the waitress. I can cook but it isn't my favorite thing to do.

Elizabeth said...

I enjoy cooking especially, for the ones I love! Prayers that all is well with your procedure!

Jackie said...

Blessings on you as you get your implant.

salemslot9 said...

I wonder if
that Duster is
still for sale...

good luck, Jack!

Mevely317 said...

Applauding over here!
I've not witnessed such culinary choreography before - but Tom speaks fondly of two such women who made a difference in his life.
Methinks these women (and men) must love what they do ... but more importantly, be relaxed about the whole thing.

Holding you, Sherry - and your doctors! - in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!

betty said...

Oh wow, exciting times!! Prayers indeed!!!

I read there is actually a cook shortage in the United States; a lot to do with low wages and less immigrants coming over who might be employed as cooks. I'm thinking down the road that might change as far as wages; got to have the cooks before you can have anyone come into the restaurant :) I do admire anyone in the food industry; hard work indeed!


Sheila Y said...

Prayers for the surgery! I hope it exceeds your expectations! Love you two, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my favorite things to do is to cook a meal for my family. It does take a little doing to make it all come out on time and it takes me longer these days to get it all done too. I will be praying for a successful surgery for you. Hope that wizard works his magic!

Rick Watson said...

There is an art to cooking. Jilda learned the art from her mom and is a master. It's rare to find restaurant food better than what I get at home.
I love eggs. I will try eggs at that restaurant next time I pass one. Ima egg lover.

Lisa said...

Funny I just wrote about old recipes about 2 post back. :) Maybe we think alike? Yunthink?
I grew up in Belmont and have a few great memories myself.
Hope your feeling better.