Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I have a Question

First some preliminaries.  I am not a yard person. I like a mowed lawn, and I like it fairly neatly trimmed. I was doing that when I thought of this.  Sherry and I have been blessed and have some properties. Two are very nice, Shirl leases one and is probably the best ‘tenant’ in the world. She is a Yard person and has added wonders to the place.  However nice, it does not have an impressive 1/2 acre front lawn.

My question for you yard folk, if you had a nice big lawn what yard decoration would you want at the center. Not a bird bath now,  Price is no object. I know one guy in Charlotte that had a real  30ft rocket, shining like new money and looked like it was ready to launch. That was the strangest I have seen.

For me? I would love to have an old pick up truck, rusty maybe no wheels with a tree growing out of it’s bed. i.e.

Wildwood ORLANDO 001Wildwood ORLANDO 003

Yes, if I had a mansion, I would like this out front. I used to want a fountain (LOL).

Any ideas?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm partial to fountains my self. I don't have one here, but have always enjoyed the calming effects the water gives.

betty said...

I saw an article recently on AOL that neighbors were upset when people put out huge bronze statues of dinosaurs so you might want to avoid those :) I do like the truck idea, could be a cute one and one that people would remember and enjoy driving by. I think I would go with a family of quail birds myself made out of some type of material.


Elizabeth said...

I also like fountains ! I have thought about putting one in my front yard but haven't because the grandkids and neighbor kids like to play football out there!

Paula said...

How about a water drilling rig? I did have one in my side yard for years and not because I wanted it. I think I told the story in my blog before. I planted Morning Glories around it. Like that pick-up with the tree. Wagon wheels are always nice too.

Lisa said...

My father in law had a couple old vintage gas pumps with flower planted around them in his side yard. Ponds and fountains are nice but I like your truck idea as well :).

Keep pondering

Mevely317 said...

Heck, I've no imagination whatsoever! I enjoyed reading everyone else's thoughts, tho.' Isn't that half the fun in blogging?

Hugs from the land where pebble-rock poses as grass!

shirl72 said...

OK lets find a beautiful old car and put in the side yard and I
can decorate around it. Let's decide which car would look the best;
Maybe we need to visit a junk yard for cars. We need it to be old.

Jackie said...

Hubby has his Dad's old (verrrrry old) plow in the field behind our house. My goal (one day) is to bring it to the yard and use it as a display. I love the antique-ness (is that a word?) of it....all the rust....and the memories.