Monday, August 31, 2015

Side tracked but waiting.

This refrigerator problem has kept me side tracked, I could have thought of a better way, but the refrig happened. So now that it is over and I can think, “Hey I have an appointment with the surgeon coming up.”


Funny how I try to explain the hearing problems and the explanations are lost in the wind, but when Rush says it, hey my son listens.

confused_baby1 - Copy

It is hard for someone to understand a hearing aid, because of our ‘sight’ education. On an average, once you reach the 40’s your sight begins to go and things get fuzzy. You simply get a $2 pair of reading glasses and voila’, you can see clearly.


So the average person sees a hearing aid and they are sure that someone’s  hearing is cleared up….. Far from it. At times it is like someone giving you a pair of reading glasses with grease smeared over them,  could you  read?  Nah.

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Aids can at times clear up sounds. But most of the time with folks like me with a profound hearing loss, it is like wearing a pair of glasses that only make the fuzzy words bigger and more fuzzy.


It CAN BE the same with the Cochlear Implant the Dr. tells us. It is likely I can not hear in a café (noisy environment). Most likely I will not talk on the phone, it is not the silver bullet but it should improve my hearing.

Examples of my hearing:

We ate at the Woodshed in Stanley. In the self serve salad line, seeing she had a salad plate, I asked my wife, “Where did you get the salad plate?”


“I told you  they were on the table.”  I am sure she did.

I know she gets tired of repeating or ensuring I hear, I try to understand that too, instead of saying. “Oh yeah I heard you, I just wanted to come up here in the line and make sure.”

Another incident came up about our son, nothing earth shaking just a statement.  I swear I did not know it. She says, “Honey, I did tell you.”


It is my fault for acting like I understand a conversation, when I have no idea what was said, but I do not want to repeat, ‘What did you say?’


But to give my girl her dues she does very well and helps me immensely. She has handled the lion’s share of the conversations in the refrigerator situation.


There are times I am so full of BS and act like I understand, that everyone thinks I know what is being said.  I am counting on the implant to cut down on the times there are misunderstandings.

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Elizabeth said...

I am beginning to notice that I do not hear as well as I used to,part of getting older, I guess but it does beat the alternative! Hope your surgery helps a lot!

betty said...

I did hear that even with the best hearing aids, there are still a lot of sounds not able to be heard. I do hope the surgery does help a bet with what you want it to do.


Paula said...

I wish you the best. I understand where you and Sherry are coming from. I have to repeat so many things to John when we are watching TV. I try not to be frustrated but it's hard because when Im repeating to him I'm missing what they are saying about the news. He has a double whammy with his eyes and hearing.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I've got to show this to Tom! His hearing's gone south pretty significantly in the last 2-3 years; and your examples of 'back and forth-ing' with Sherry could well be Tom and me.
Unfortunately, insurance won't cover the cost of aids ... so we're stuck trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Meanwhile, I'm praying great things will come of your implant!

Glenda said...

It's a great start to know you're a candidate, many thousands of successful outcomes for the implants! I know it will mean so much to hear and be able to participate in conversations AND of course to hear the sweet voices of all those grands!!! Good Luck :)

Rick Watson said...

I really hope doctors can help you hear better.
Before my mom died they tried hearing aids, but
she said it turned the sound into a roar and it got on
her nerves. I have problems in a crowded cafe but
somehow I manage.

~mel said...

W H A T ??

Say again!

... I know ... I'm bad ... if I don't pick on you who will ... Love ya buddy.
There are times I'm so full of BS too and act like I understand. People misread me all the time. Do you really think a little surgery is going to cut down on times there are misunderstandings??? I say "I told you" all the time ~ at least Sherry says "Honey" first :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Not hearing everything is nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn't worry about asking over again just what you didn't hear. Life could become very confusing sometimes. I do hope this implant does wonders for you hearing. That they can do operations like that is a miracle in its self. Waiting to see what happens can't be easy either. My motto is to take it one day at a time and enjoy what comes !

Lisa said...

I think the whole implant ordeal is exciting. I cant wait to hear about your results. Until then, I'm sure she doesn't mind repeating herself to you.

Hang in there. eeehh?

Jackie said...

Have a friend who received the cochlear implant. Works marvelously for him!!!