Saturday, August 15, 2015

The original plan for the Badlands trip

Originally We were going to the Badlands slowly and after a couple weeks fly the boys back home and us continue at our leisure.  Traveling at that rate is not our normal travel life.
At one time we would drive 300-400 miles and stay stationary in a  town, sometimes a city for a week. Then visit the area to get the feel of folks. It was always fun and educational.  But this time the plans changed because of a surprise Medical appt, at Duke U. Medical center offering a chance to see if I qualify for the Cochlear implant.  That will be next Friday.
The day started in Nashville leaving from Nashville Shores RV park. I had planned to only take pictures of Barns today. (I smiled when I read Rick’s comment saying we were close enough home, to smell the barn), I shot 100 TRIES and only got  a couple worth posting.

100_3471 (2)100_3478 (2)
I included the shot on the right to show what I normally got today.
100_3480 (2)100_3487 (2)100_3492 (2)100_3493100_3484
Since I wasn’t having much luck at barns I decided to take a couple of the rock the Highway builders had to cut thru here in Tennessee.
100_3508 (2)
And since we gave one of these to Mark, I spotted it knowing someone was using it as a storage barn (Stretch for a barn)
Then our road took us out of NC into SC and I got this barn.
100_3517 (2)
And since I was raised with this Barn roof in my childhood, although it is out of focus you can still read See Rock City, a staple in the south painted on barns.

100_3498 (2)
On a sad note, someone’s vacation was ruined and backed up traffic for 15-25 minutes in Nashville. An RV appeared to have been rear-ended by an auto.
100_3506 - Copy
BUTT back to South Carolina, near Gaffney is this huge Peach. Sheila and others will attest this is it’s good side. Another view is sorta embarrassing and always brings a laugh.
100_3519 - Copy
We are home. But leaving Nashville this AM the boys noticed I have developed a windshield crack.
100_3520 (2)
The black magic marker marker in the center of the photo is how I mark a cracks travel. This one is a ‘y’ shape. This happens in a Coach when the body is stressed (twisted) caused by going up a grade at an angle. I knew this and still took the site assigned, twisted the coach and cracked the windshield.
However, compared to the wreck above, I can even smile. This is the worst thing that happened in 4000 miles with the terrible roads we encountered. I am a happy camper.
Nite Shipslog
16 states, 4000 miles and we are still friends with our sons.  We had a great time and hope they did.
I was just a kid, but the 1952’s were a disappointment, they looked like the ‘51’s to me.


Mevely317 said...

Welcome home, Jack and Sherry!
... so glad you're still 'friends' with JJ and Mark! :)

betty said...

I bet it is good to be home, even though the trip was enjoyable! I do hope you can qualify for a cochlear implant, Jack!!!


Glenda said...

Great to know you're home again, at least for long enough to rest a bit and gear up for the appointment. Prayers for a positive outcome!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With good news like that coming your way, I would be changing plans too. I'll be praying all goes well for you. Yes a crack on the windshield is a minor thing, but still one we don't like to see. That was a quick return home. Glad you made it safe and sound and still on speaking terms with your boys !

Sheila Y said...

Yes I saw that twice in the last three weeks. Ha. Now, is there a reason you go through SC then NC after leaving Tennessee? Better travels or shorter distance? Just wondering. Welcome home! Sheila

Unknown said...

I like the barn idea. My husband gave me a calendar for Christmas which features a different barn on each page.

Welcome back to the best state.

Paula said...

Glad you all are back home safe and on speaking terms. The boys are probably thankful you let them go with you to see all the wonderful scenery. Good luck on the implant.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love that Peach..!!
Good Luck with your appointment....

Lisa said...

That Butt, I mean Peach. LOL I get a giggle every time too.

Welcome back