Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Salt? good or bad?


I grew up before any foods, herbs and spices were bad for you. I am a fruit loving guy. I have always enjoyed apples, but I do like salt on the tart ones(cooking apples and Granny Smith). There were no Granny smith apples as I know of, as I grew up. But the green apples off any tree tasted like a Granny Smith. And I ALWAYS had salt to add to the green apples, that seemed to sweeten them.


In July the wild plums grew in NC, I liked them, but the ‘half-ripe’ ones were best to me. I WILL NEVER forget when we moved to Albemarle, NC there was a persimmon tree behind the church. Someone said, “NEVER bite a green Persimmon!” Bologna! (thinks I).   I love green fruit. HA! I learned fast they were right.  Now since I do not like ‘mushy’ fruit, the ripe ‘simmon’ is not a fruit I enjoy.

When we walked in the woods at Fort Jackson, SC, with my sister Kat, I learned that she and Sherry LOVED persimmons. At every persimmon tree I had to wait until they found all the ripe ones.


Albemarle, NC, I was 9-12 in Albemarle and I was introduced to the ripe Pomegranate.  I loved that fruit, I was never to find another Pomegranate bush for the rest of my life. I have bought a few, but very seldom.

I love peaches, I prefer the ‘freestone’ ‘nearly ripe’.  Ha! I also learned look look in the woods for  Muscatine's (I called them muscadines) I don’t know where dad got them but he brought some Scupadines(?) home, Green in color, but a lot like the muscadine but bigger and more juice. I could eat the skins better. , loved them.


In Valdese, NC I was introduced to Grapes. There was a big grape vine in our back yard, purple grapes. Mmmm they were delicious and mama made the best grape jelly. Just above Jim & Bub Page’s house there was a Cherry tree. The owner put a net over it to keep the birds off. The lady allowed us to pick some to eat. Man, I loved them. But like the pomegranate, I never met another cherry tree.

I liked hard pears and pear apples.


There was seldom citrus at our house except at Christmas. I liked the orange, but everybody loves a tangerine because it is so easy to eat. Grapefruit? again salt, I love salt on my grapefruit.

I know I missed a lot of fruit, I love most melons, and never had blueberries until I was grown. My berry was the Black berry.

Nite Shipslog


I was grown before I ate Mango, Avacado, Raspberries and several more fruits.


1955, the year I realized Cars cost a lot. Up to $3000. But I could still dream, it was Driver’s license time….

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betty said...

Your entry made me hungry, Jack, with all the delicious fruit mentioned here. Makes me want to make a fruit salad :) The only thing I put salt on was watermelon and would put sugar on grapefruit at times :)


Elizabeth said...

I have never been much of a fruit eater but now that I am eating healthier I am enjoying peaches and pears!

Mevely317 said...

Uh-oh. I guess this is the part where I should admit, I don't (won't) eat fruit.
Not sure why, exactly. My mother would probably have enjoyed eating nothing but fruit!

I never heard of salt on an apple ... will have to ask Tom tonight.

That first photo of from your '55 auto collection sure brings back memories. My best friend in high school drove a little Morris Minor 1000 station wagon that looked lots like this one. We'd put 25-cents gas in it and have ourselves a whee of a good time!

Mevely317 said...

Forgot something! My friend Jon's other blog is featuring cars of the 50's this week: It's called "Cabinet of Curious Treasures." 'Just thought you might like a look-see.

Paula said...

Never been much of a fruit eater. Maybe watermelon or cantaloupe if they are good and ripe. I do like almost all vegetables.

JenB said...

This is why you are strong and healthy... wild fruit, in season, with salt (a necessary nutrient!) Our family just hit the mother load in wild blackberries while out for a walk in the woods. We are going to "ruin" them with sugar and flour. ;)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This time of year we get to enjoy lots of fresh fruit here in Ohio. Melons and peaches are so much better when fresh. I am getting spoiled by all the produce offered at the road side stands. I tend to put salt on my vegetables and not on fruit. Especially corn on the cob. It's so sweet one would almost think it should be a fruit. It won't be long until we'll be visiting the apple orchards too. It's a cloudy morning here. We got some rain overnight and may get more today, but thankfully it is a bit cooler. Yesterday was a scorcher. Hope you all are having some fine weather there !

shirl72 said...

I like fruit but seldom eat it. Since Betty mention fruit Salad I
think I will make one. We had a fig, apple and pair tree and grape vines in our Charlotte House. It was nice just to walk back and pick fruit. There is a muscadine I think that is what it is in my back
yard here. Not to many on it this year.

Lisa said...

I like salt on watermelon. Mom liked salt on her grapefruits. She said it takes the bitter out.
You know your a southern child when you've gotten a belly ache from the wild green apples right off (usually the neighbors) tree.
That goes with Muscadines too!!!!! At so many of those things. Love them.
Grape Fact: Scuppernong(red) is a variety of a Muscadine(gold). You can call a scuppernong a Muscadine but you cant call a Muscadine a scuppernong. Either way, they both make great wine. :)