Thursday, October 1, 2015

I have a Living Will

Before this Implant I was asked a question, ‘Do you have a living will?”  I thought , but did not say it, ‘is it that serious?’ Since I met Rick via the net over at life 101 he has said a lot of things that caused my mind to wander. Of course many folks say things that cause my mind to wander (so it ain’t Rick’s brilliance Winking smile).

Come to think of it, being OLD I take 3 pills. A multivitamin, a vitamin D and a 20mg Statin. EVERY STINKING DAY!

My sweetheart puts the multi vitamin on the table beside me. I find it there every day. I have the ‘D’ within reach beside the printer. So I get the ‘D’ pill out and put it beside the MULTI. Now honestly (this seriously worries me) within an hour I decide it is about time to take my daily dose of pills, so I decide to go get the Statin, it is 12 ft back in the MH medicine chest above the vanity. I get up and walk 5 ‘ and I am in front of the refrigerator. At that point I ask myself, why  am I up and where I am going. I am being honest, I do this at least 3-4 times a week. Say all you want to, being nice, but that ain’t good.

I have a living will. If there isn’t a whole lot of chance to keep me here, let me go. I was in the care of a loved one once and I had to follow her wishes and it ain’t NO FUN. It is good for us to think ahead to prevent our kids/kin from making a the tough decision.

In that vein, it is nice when a family member is asked to log on to bloggersville and tell us when one of our friends has left us.

Friend Chuck’s daughter came on to tell us he thought a lot of his friends on the net, but ‘Chuck has left the Building.’ that was sweet.

We lost, ‘Just Plain Bill’ about 2011, but no notification.

Then Sam, ‘Say it Baldies’. His daughter came on and gave his farewell, very sweet.

Now I learn that my sweet friend Rose, from ‘Roses are Read’, has left us. Jimmy  just posted:

 On A Sad Note: I learned yesterday that my friend and fellow blogger Rose Sisti has passed away from cancer. Rose was a sweet and caring lady who I will miss. Rest in peace, sweet Rose.

My buddy is sometimes a little profane, but I enjoy knowing him. Rose always referred to Sherry and I as, “My favorite couple”. Dadgummit, she was so beautifully young looking .

When a Blog just drops off the radar, we all wonder. Thanks Jimmy, for letting us know.

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Rose was from Boston, she would have looked good in this.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear about Rose. That is a shocker. Glad you saw the news and passed it on. May she rest in peace. I read her blog for years. Always seemed so full of life. I had a living will but never had it notorized to make it official but did sit down with my children when I had them all together and let them know about my wishes. Life is such a fragile thing.

betty said...

That was sad to hear about Rose; I read her blog off and on. Yep, it does make you wonder when someone disappears from blogging what happened with them. I might need to write out instructions to hubby just in case. We don't have a Living Will yet, but have that on our list to accomplish soon. We both know each other's wishes and son knows too but it would be good to get finalized in writing.


Mevely317 said...

Tom's daughter has been after us forever to make our Living Wills. I dunno, methinks her dad just enjoys messing with her mind.
In all seriousness - since we're what you call a 'blended' family, it's time to stop dragging our toes. (Then again, there's a scary sort of permanence about that.)

Now, I'm not about to snicker about your going to take a pill and winding up in front of the fridge. I used to think those 'pill keeper' contraptions were for Old Folks, and now? I wonder what I ever did without it!

Paula said...

I didn't know Rose but send my sympathy to those who did.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I just happened to receive contact from Rose's family and evidently some time had passed because they seem to feel every knew, but I didn't. Kind of a shocker when a friend finally goes AWOL.

I hate the feeling I get when bad news comes. It's part of life and we all adjust, but I still don't like it.


Rick Watson said...

It seems I've lost a lot of friends this year but it's a "feature" of growing older.
Thanks for the shoutout.