Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ok, I finally heard something I did not want to hear.

My implant is great. there are slight adjustment problems that will need to be made next spring. When speakers use word with a heave ‘S’ I hear a ssssss.  Years ago when some folk wore dentures they produced a whistle, the sound is something like that.

1939 Lasalle Convertible Coupe

(Pictures today are from my cache of classics)

Now the problem, Sherry has talked about a ‘ssssssssss’ noise over toward the driver’s side of the motor home. OUCH, NOW I HEAR IT! so it must be time to fix it.

At Yemassee,SC I disassembled the left panels covering the parking brake (formerly called the EMERGENCY brake! Winking smile)_ The Parking brake is air actuated, using soap and water I found the leak, but at present have no idea how to fix it. It is a valve housing, but I cannot see how to take it apart. I know everything comes apart, and I can usually figure it out, but this little sucker has me stumped.  I Put the coach back together and will give it some thought. I am also searching the net for the answer. So far no luck.


I don’t see any danger at present.  I did lose pressure at the same device in another coach going down Saluda Mt on I-26 once. Sherry was behind me driving my sister Kat’s coach.  These suckers are hard to steer without power steering or brakes. Surprised smile  But all was well I got down the mt and coasted to a stop just off the road.

1948 Desota business coupe

Anyway it was good to be on the road again, this coach sat for 12 weeks while the implant was completed. I cannot remember when it sat that long!


WE are home again in Florida.  We  begin our wait for the upcoming cruise.  I may get to a truck place and check on this valve.


Nite Shiplog

PS: 86 degrees outside.  Left NC in the 30’s.




betty said...

That was good you heard the noise the motor home was making so you could help figure out what it was. I'm sure Sherry was glad that you did hear it so it could help justify that she did indeed hear something potentially wrong. You guys look great settled into your home (for however long you will be there :)


shirl72 said...

Glad you are there hope you figure the car trouble out and not to much trouble. I stayed home all day and rested. Have a hair app. tomorrow.
and then nothing rest of week until Sunday. I am glad I gave up
some volunteer jobs. We are suppose to have warmer weather rest
of week. Stay cool and Johnny Cook says BE SWEET

Rick Watson said...

For weeks, I've had a problem hooking up our DVD to our new "smart TV." Then yesterday we walked, it hit me what the problem was.
When I went back inside, I switched a few wires around and it's working now. I love being able to fix things, I know having the leak you mentioned would drive me crazy until I figured out what it was.
Maybe it won't cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Makes one think about how important hearing is as it gives us sounds that warn us about something that may be wrong. Glad you made the trip safely and are enjoying the warm southern breezes. We have started this week off with some temps near 70 during the day. This is what I like to think of as perfect weather. But night time has put us in the 40's. Having that cruise to look forward to sounds wonderful. When it gets cold and freezing here, I'll be thinking of you all there in the sunshine !

Mevely317 said...

Sorry for being tardy to the party!
So glad to know y'all made it 'home' safe and sound.
I wonder if automotive manufacturers couldn't make things just a bit easier for the uninitiated. (It's a stretch, sure, but I can't help but draw a parallel to those color-coded artificial Christmas tree trunks. You know, the green wire goes in the little green hole.)