Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I have always loved nuts. P-nuts were my first nut because Daddy loved them.  He raised Peanuts on a farm in North Georgia. (Parched p-nuts, mmmm)

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1940’s Sear and Roebuck had a nut counter where they sold fresh nuts. The Cashews smelled above all the nuts, and I learned to like them. They were expensive but daddy would come up with 35 cents for a small bag for Shirl and I.


In Albemarle, NC we had a pecan tree in the yard, wow  that was convenient having our own pecans. It is hard to beat a pecan pie.

This getting old is for the birds, I had a great nut story and by the time I finished laying the foundation for it, I have forgotten it. …  I have another not as good but  …

Sherry, the boys and I left GITMO and were assigned to the Naval Base at Albany, GA. Now since you ain’t from there, I know you read the name wrong. In your mind you said Albany (like in New York), but it ain’t so. It is All-benny, Georgia.

pecan treepecansready pecans

(I shoulda waited until they looked like the ones on the right)

Anyway we had a Big Pecan tree in the back yard of our house. I was thrilled. It was getting time for pecans.  My job on the base was teaching Naval Intelligence (YOU AIN’T SUPPOSED TO LAUGH). I am always told that  NAVAL AND INTELLIGENCE  are two contradictory terms. That aside, I taught in my dress whites, I was a sharp looking teacher.

stained hands

About the time the pecans started falling, getting ready to eat I started gathering them, me and the squirrels. I started removing the husks. Lemme tell you  pecan stains are PERMANENT. Afore I realized it my hands were BLACK.

I washed them, closed my nose and soaked in Clorox, NADA. For a few days I heard a lot of snickers and laughs. I looked really good in starched pressed whites, white arms and Black hands.  I Never did it again.

Need a good dye, try Pecan hulls. I should have read about the Indians.

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PS: For years I was told the Almond was THE nut for health (nuts), Now the lowly P-nut has been raised as GOOD for you)

Top 10 Car and Driver picks for 1996, US got 3 in this group. I loved the Dodge Caravan.



shirl72 said...

I love pecans..Pecans pies are the best. I put pecans in cereal,
what ever I am eating I will put pecans. Try yogurt, salads, breads
and dips. I read where they are healthy so I will continue eating.

Unknown said...

I love nuts! Okay, I hope that original nut story comes back around to you. I had planted a pecan tree here, but decided it would take up too much space in this small yard. I transplanted it to the country property (too far away to tend to), and it succumbed one summer to the drought.
I've been looking at YouTube videos about processing black walnuts. I think my folks just let them dry in the barn in their husks, but all the videos show people using rubber gloves and husking them.

Glenda said...

Love the story about picking pecans at Gitmo, too funny!!!

betty said...

I had heard that about pecans leaving one's hands a bit dirty with hard to remove. They sure are delicious though! I like to grab a handful of nuts as an afternoon snack; good protein and healthy!


Mevely317 said...

I'm giggling so hard at this image, I totally forgot about being mad!
...No, not at you!

My phone must be possessed. This post just popped up on my 'feed' not 30 minutes ago while I was eating lunch. (As a matter of fact, when I didn't see any posts from you yesterday I grew a little concerned. Then, I saw where you left a comment on someone else's blog and murmured a little "whew"!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to hear that the peanut is good for us. Right now I'm enjoying a favorite fall snack...candy corn mixed with dry roasted peanuts and it is good !