Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I truly respect teachers.  In dealing with the youth as an authority figure,  there is that chance to inspire a young mind, supply ‘That Moment’, I have talked about often. The one that causes the light to come on in a young mind. I cannot imagine the challenge of teachers today, they are expected to be policemen, investigators, health monitors, abuse detectors, understand the REBEL, and still teach a class.  On top of that to understand the ‘transgender’ kids, I know of a teacher now who is in trouble for referring to an obvious Girl as, ‘SHE’ but her mama says the girl identifies as a BOY and MUST be referred to as HE! The girl also feels uncomfortable using the girls rest room,  Confusing to everyone around.

I think the extra activities of teachers when I was a kid was checking for head-lice. And that was probably voluntarily, done out of concern. WE old folk remember (some of YOU vividly Winking smile) discipline wasn’t a big problem. We young’uns knew: get in trouble at school you just may be in double trouble at home. I wish that trust was there today. I am afraid parents and teachers have some distrust.


In my 3rd grade

I am sure I could not be a teacher today even if I qualified. In that vein, Sherry has a sweet niece who is a teacher in Gastonia, Last year she was ‘Teacher Of The Year’, we are so proud of Sarah Baker.

Not all of my teachers were GREAT, but most knew their subjects and it was apparent they tried. I never remember a teacher giving ‘make work stuff’ so they could read or do something else.

download(ruler in the hand, 5th)

This country  has forced good folk out of the teacher’s ranks because they were sent kids who were spoiled and undisciplined.  There are kids that learn early how to play the game, and will push the envelope.

talk toomuch

6&7 grades plus dusting a lot of erasers.

WE are behind many countries in education, because we are unable to tell a kid, you need another year to bring you up to speed. Instead some are promoted who are not ready, and get further behind.  In trying to bring these kids up to speed, we dumb down the rest. Just my opinion.

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betty said...

I don't think I would want to or could be a teacher these days. Lots of hard work for little pay. I remember when son was in 3rd grade, he was struggling a bit in school. I suggested maybe we hold him back for a year. The teacher said they couldn't do that; they socially promote all kids regardless. Small town and it just wouldn't be good for the kid not to advance with his friends; he could be teased. He continued to struggle rest of his school days. A friend a few years later insisted her son be held back and fought for it to be done. His rest of school days went more smoother. There's no shame if a child needs a bit more time to mature enough to learn the particular subjects taught. Like I said before, don't think I would want to or could be a teacher these days, but I do admire those that are teachers and good teachers!


jack69 said...

This world is built too much for the here and now, not the future.
That said, Sherry and I are on the road. we were moved up a week to have the implant activated or turned on. It happens on Friday. I am anxious to know if I can actually understand words..
Y'all be good, I will be back with a good report. ;-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Teachers are very special people and I have a few in my family too. They do a lot that most don't even know about and often are underpaid and overworked. My thanks goes out to all of them. Glad you are soon to find out whether or not you'll actually be able to understand words. I can only imagine how excited you are feeling. I'm thinking it will be a fantastic Friday for you all !

Paula said...

Be thinking of you and praying for your ear to turn out great. Great about Sherry's niece being Teacher Of The Year last year. Good teachers deserve so much respect.

Mevely317 said...

Congrats to Sherry's niece!

My son and his wife made the difficult decision years ago to have both daughters repeat their 1st (kindergarten) year. I don't think either Sarah or Chloe encountered any teasing; or they don't remember.

Gotta hold today's educators in some pretty high esteem. I don't think they print enough money to have me (try to) do their job!

PS - I suspect you're on pins and needles tonight. We're sure thinking of you!

Rick Watson said...

Teaching is one of those vocations that require special people. I've had some gifted teachers in my time. I know they are still out there but the must wade through a lot of stuff to do their jobs well.

salemslot9 said...

some teachers were good

some not so good