Friday, October 16, 2015

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We have spent lots of time on the road in our little Honda Fit lately, time to observe that it seems everyone speeds. We are all in a hurry. It honestly hurts me as I look back. I remember thinking that law enforcement was TOO strict. The only ticket my girl has been  ‘awarded’ was a warning ticket for driving 12 mph in a 10mph zone, TRUE!


I see we as drivers have got to the point that we seem to laugh at the speed limits and the law. When I first got my driver’s license, 5 mph over the limit got you a ticket. Then we went through the period that the 5mph rule seemed to be in effect, (No ticket up to 5mph over) Now it seems we have a 10-15mph rule. The speed limit laws are NOT feared nor honored (In many many cases). I made the comment to Sherry, if they posted 80mph, the average speed would be 90mph I believe.

traffic tic

(Word to the wise, if you  receive a ticket that will add points to your record or up your ins. SEE AN ATTORNEY! the cost of the attorney will be saved in the first insurance year! I don’t like it either, but it is a fact)

Classy motels. We have stayed in some OLDER ‘classy motels’.  They are no longer ‘classy’. Newer, better have been built. You can tell at one time these places were ‘way cool’. But now the carpet is worn the tubs are chipped the lights are touchy because the switches are old. King is not my size, but the motels all had King Size beds.  They are too big for me and my girl, I don’t like to have to work to get close to her (Queen size is good).

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These motels are cheaper now, I sorta lean to cheap. I picked one on Miami Beach a long time ago.

While living in Key West Sherry was a team mama for little league. we drew names to take one of the players to a Bills/Dolphins game. (Zonka and OJ were playing then). The motel and restaurant looked great. But it was all a facade, like the old western towns. In the  restaurant, I raised the heavy plastic table clothe at the shaky table, it was plywood on top of something like construction horses.

images (3)images (4)

I feel sorry for these old work horses that were once the top of the heap. But like the human body, age hasn’t been good to them and it ain’t gonna do us a whole lot of good.

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(I don’t think this Buick made it into production)


Paula said...

After hearing so much news about bedbugs I have no desire to stay in a motel. I've never seen one but I don't think I would have the energy anymore to deal with them. Like that old motel sign though.

betty said...

Lots of money out there in tickets given, what with fines and traffic school, yet I do think speeding should be discouraged. Never got a speeding ticket myself but son has been "privileged" to receive one or two in his driving days. Both times police wrote him up for slower than he was doing, that was a good thing when fines assessed.


Mevely317 said...

I'm constantly amazed how something running around in my subconscious leaps over to the Ship's Log! (*smile*)

My usual weekday commute (away from the interstate) contains several 4-way stops, etc. ... and I get so darn aggravated when 'those' testosterone-fueled drivers totally ignore stop-signs and seem to think 55 mph on a two-way rural road is for sissies. Of course, there's not a peace officer in sight.
Even in our own subdivision where the speed limit is 25 mph, I suspect Tom or I'd be rear-ended if one of us were to sneeze. I can't tell you how often I've wished for a fake (police) ID to flash out my window at the fellow who's tail-gating me. (sigh .....)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree, speed limits are ignored. I always try to stick with the speed limit so that I don't get a ticket as I don't have room in my budget for things like that. There are a few old motels in our area that have closed up shop and just sit there empty. Big chain hotels have taken over and they are not always close by. Sad to see the buildings sitting empty.

Jean said...

I don't care much about staying in a Motel, but there have been times I welcome one when we would be on the road late at night, but was hoping it would be clean. Years back when the kids come at vacation time we often spent a few days at the beach. I called and made the appointment for the condo and would ask the ladies were it clean. I had some that ask me when we got there was it clean enough for me. If I pay big money for a place to sleep I want it to be clean. I'm like Paula now a little afraid what might be on the beds.

Rick Watson said...

It's been a few years since I got a ticket. But I have had a few in my day. Most of them were clear cut, but like Sherry, I've had a couple that were iffy.
We haven't stayed in an inexpensive hotel in years.
We usually shoot for reasonably priced chain hotels.
I think we're driving north in the morning to see the foliage in north Alabama.