Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Sound of Music

guitar and sax

Jack Fulbright, sax player extraordinaire, Dale Cash on Guitar and one other guitar player, re introduced me to music last night. This is the first music I have 'heard' that sounded like music in 15-20 years. Dale is a friend of mine but I met Jack for the first time, I liked him right away  (He said he had read my books).

twoo guitar

He also said we had the same 'Aunt Ruby', but still weren't any kin. jack made that Sax talk, I could hear the tones and change in frequencies of the sounds. Fantastic.

Sherry always goes alone to the 'Friends of Belmont dinners' but last night I thought I would give my Cochlear Implant a test. It past the test allowing me to enjoy the music. It was nice to meet someone who was 'ALMOST' a cousin and hear his talent. He also drew up some great  of my sweet Aunt Ruby Fulbright.

I think Uncle Fred was a Super at the Art Cloth Mill in Lowell. They lived in the Art Cloth Mill village. Aunt Ruby was Daddy’s sister and lived just around the corner from Grandpa and Grandma Darnell. (Ruby and Daddy’s Mom and dad)  They also lived beside Uncle and Doyle and Aunt Julia Herron. It was sort of an oddity At the time both families had 3 sons and they were approximately the same age. Aunt Julia had one more boy, Eddie, later.

I visited and played with Kenneth and Billy.  Lots of blocks for cars and homemade wagons.


Last night meeting Jack, and knowing he too had known Aunt Ruby was neat.  He of course was kin on the Fulbright side and I on the Darnell side.  Most of all was hearing him play the sax, he is very good.

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From the Studebaker Museum 1904 Stud


betty said...

That is wonderful Jack that you could enjoy the night and the hear the music!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine the joy of hearing music again. It is wonderful and for you even better with folks that knew your relatives. Seems a small world sometimes.

Glenda said...

The "Sound of Music"....best news in a long while!!! How wonderful that you were able to have that reunion, God Bless :)

Mevely317 said...

Yours sounds like such a 'feel-good' evening. I'm so happy for you, Jack!

Lisa said...

I love to hear good news from you. Glad you got to enjoy the music.

Next up singing.

Rick Watson said...

Incredible news Jack! I smiled out loud as I read this entry.

shirl72 said...

Jack can make the Saxophone talk. I know it was good to hear him play remember you played a mean trumpet at Church and in the band. They are good and some play with the band I sing. Glad you heard music...