Sunday, October 11, 2015

What is heard?

Walk a mile in my shoes!  We have all heard that philosophical comment, and it is usually made by well intentioned people.   And it is a great idea, but it can never happen. I can NEVER be you. I cannot experience life from your position.  Now you can try, you can even gain perspective, you can sympathize but it is a physical fact you cannot walk a mile in my shoes nor I yours.


That said, we who have sight do not know what a ‘legally blind’ person sees. I spoke to Bill Irwin, ‘the Blind Hiker’ and asked him what he could see. He said, “Jack, I can tell day from night, and there are times I can see forms moving but I could not tell by my sight if it was a man or a bear, but the smell and tells.(he said laughingly).

There is a mental picture created by the casual observer of a person who is hard of hearing. You may not agree but it is still a fact, the average young person sees the hard of hearing person, a stranger, who continually says, “HUH? or  What?”  The casual observer develops a picture in the mind of a mentally challenged person, rather than a hearing challenged person.


Saturday was my second day test driving my cochlear implant. We went to a fast food restaurant this morning and to Daisy’s BD party, our beautiful 90 year old friend. Maybe I was trying too soon, but this is still going to be uncomfortable in crowds, methinks.


You can see where the incision was made immediately above the ear. I expected the magnetic transmitter(?) to fit right at that incision, but the magnet that holds the device to my head is 2” from the incision.

Hanging on my ear is the processor. It is larger than a hearing aid, that long leg behind the ear holds 3 round batteries to power the implant.


Jude Atticus Darnell came to visit and see Great Grands new toy, the implant.  He wasn’t too impressed.


But he did play Peep-eye with me.

I had forgotten water makes a noise running into the sink. Dishes clink and rain sounds good on the metal roofs of the car and RV port.  (I’m not going to tell you it makes a noise when I pee)

Cannot talk on the phone yet, but I hope to. I will learn more as time goes on, like the keys on this key board are exceptionally loud!

More on the implant as I continue to learn to drive it.

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Top 10 cars by CAr and Driver of 2000, we had only 2 us made cars this year to make the list.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are hearing more and more. Your little great grand is adorable. Both of you walking miracles I'm thinking.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to know how those things stay on and how they work. Its a really cool looking piece you got there. Im sure it will take some time getting used too.

Cute baby for sure!

Unknown said...

I'm glad for you that you can hear the sounds again that I probably am taking for granted.
That Jude is a baby doll!

Glenda said...

Wow, that is a more complicated device than I imagined, but so good to know you're hearing some forgotten sounds. And I'm hoping you can wear that Greek cap that looks so great on you!

betty said...

Jude is so cute! I guess with everything there is a learning curve. Seems like you are experiencing that with your implant. Good you are in familiar place as you start to see how it will be with driving.


Jean said...

Glad you are hearing better I'm
sure it will improve with time.
That little g-grandbaby is so cute.
You and Sherry take care, Love from Opp,Alabama

Mevely317 said...

I'm so glad you're taking time to share this info, Jack. Personally, I find it fascinating.
Master Jude is growing cuter by the day. Pretty proud of those new front teeth, is he?

Chatty Crone said...

Well I hope you can take one day at a time and enjoy the sounds - I bet it will take awhile to get used to it being you have been so long with out it. A miracle. Jude is adorable.

Paula said...

It's really nice of you to experience all the sounds and the picture of how it looks. I'll bet it will get better and better as you go along. Loving the "Vacation".

shirl72 said...

I have so much going I have missed reading. I did come see you and we
talked. Saw you today and we talked and ate cup cakes in the driveway.
No matter where we meet we have a good time. I think you heard 75%
of sermon Sunday. That was good. You are getting better each day.

Sheila Y said...

I hope it continues to get better and better every day! Little Jude has grown quite a bit, he's a cutie! Take care, Sheila