Sunday, October 25, 2015

The mystery key? How many do you have?

I have joked with men who do not live in a motor home, and carry a big key rings. I joke and hold up two keys and say, “This is down sizing, I have two keys, one for the car and one for the motor home.


What they do not see that inside the MH is a box of MANY keys.  The motor home alone has 12 keys, some duplicates. Keys for houses, tow bar, luggage, boat, bike and trailer locks,etc. It seems like a hundred keys. AND THEN ONE SHOWS UP WITH NO TAG, it is obvious it is a house key, but which one? A quick comparison of the conglomeration of keys shows no match.

100_3763 - Copy

(The case above is in the car)

What do you do with it?

100_3764 - Copy

(The Yellow is the new’?’, the 4 on each side are old ‘?’s)

I want to throw it away, but hey, what if someone says, ‘Grandpa, did you find a house key?’ So I put it aside with a ‘?’ attached, this one has a yellow label.

Please tell me you have a few keys that you have no idea what they unlock!

My puzzle for today.

Nite Shipslog


1906 Mason car

1906 Mason Car  I always want to read it Mason Jar.


THE 1957 Golden Hawk!


betty said...

Yep, we have keys we have no idea where they go to and inherited keys that we have no idea where they go to. I would imagine once we move in a few months and get settled in that a lot of the keys will be disposed of because now we have nothing left in our possession that the keys could possibly go to, having disposed of cars and house. You are much more organized with labeling your keys Jack :)


Mevely317 said...

Yep. You nailed it, Jack!
I shudder to think how many keys I tossed in my last purging frenzy.
At my workplace we've magnetized keycards for most entryways. I wonder if that will ever catch on with home-builders?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, there are lots of unknown keys here. I don't dare throw them away though. One day I might just need them. Ha ! We are blessed with a beautiful sunny day here today. Hoping your Sunday is a great one too!

Paula said...

Oh yes I have a basket on the TV by the front door. We dig through it sometime hunting a key but don't find it. The keys we use everyday are hanging by the front door.

Glenda said...

There's a couple of key rings loaded with "spare" keys that I too, have no idea what locks they fit, but...hang onto because, you never know which are duplicates that might just be important. Good thing is, they don't take up much space! Y'all have a wonderful day!!!