Friday, October 2, 2015

The ‘Entrexotermesh’ door.

Pronounced: ‘In-TREX’-oterm eesh’

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I just invented it. It is a door of my dreams. I can spend time in the mountains of North Carolina, but in our Motor home there is an Entrexotermesh door. I step thru it and I am on the beach at Daytona for the day, with the motor home.  There is a  voice operated screen with a world map. You touch the screen and say, “There,” and step thru the door, and there you are.

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I have played this game Stepping from a creek where I am panning for gold near Chicken, Alaska to a beach in Hawaii. It is nice, somehow this entrance and exit of the Entrexotermesh actually freshens you and changes your clothes to match the occasion and climate. It saves carrying a suitcase or fighting lines at the airport. The Plus is, there is no charge. You do not have to give your first-born nor even give up pork (or oysters).

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One more facet of this particular door is if you need to lose weight so you do not look out of place on a beach, the door takes care of that also. There is one drawback. It works sorta like the Cinderella lady. Since it uses internet space and techniques, it is only active on the weekends, when the traffic is light. So wherever you are on Sunday night at midnight you must remain until the next Friday evening. Since the net is easily available all weekends, I can go to Daytona for a saltwater dip, then return to the mountains to hibernate.

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So far I have only tested about ten destinations. I like it. I will soon have it available at a reasonable cost. I am testing the markets and destinations.  Any ideas?

Nothing, NOTHING stops my day dreams.

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Okay maybe I am too much in the future, we will have to go thru these first methinks want one?:

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Entrexotermish?  Of course I made it up. I am bad about making up words.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess we all need a door like that to take us where we'd like to be. Here at my house I invented the beach room. It's actually the bathroom but it is decorated with every thing beachy. Pictures and shells and fish that make it look like you might be in the tropics. The door has a sign on it...with a boat.

Mevely317 said...

What a marvelous invention!
I do love your imagination, Jack; particularly the instantaneous weight loss. :)

Before going on any fishing or snowy excursions, I'd like to spend my weekends popping by to visit friends who, up 'til then, were only images and sentiments on my computer screen!

betty said...

I think it could be a fun door to have :) The opportunities with it could be limitless I think too!


Rick Watson said...

Can you get those doors at Lowe's? I'll take one.