Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life is good.

For some reason, this entry did not post.... Not even thinking about mechanical assistance, I posted about the sssssss I heard from our Emergency brake .  I just got a text message from friend Hank in Charlotte, the expert mechanic in diesels, ‘send me a picture of the brake lever’.
I have never mastered the sending of pictures on the smart phone, but I tried. It has been ‘sending’ for 30 minutes now.  Is that normal?
(In removing the valve I broke the Oak cover. Fortunately I have a piece of oak and I can replace it.)
I can send pictures by e-mail ok, but I haven’t mastered the phone.  I use the voice to text and  I must start re-reading the text before sending, I sent a ‘bad’ word in my last text to Hank. Better not trust the interpreting nor auto correct, it could get you in trouble.
But all in all Life is good. It gives you a good feeling for a friend to contact you out of the blue.
Here in Florida we are enjoying the ‘slack’ times before the rest of the snowbirds come in. Even though we are residents, we are more like snow birds.  We take off to places NORTH or WEST as soon as the snow stops flying.
Our mail service is 40 miles east of here so we can take an afternoon and drive over. We have friends near our mail service and sometimes we can make a visit work. There are broken hearts since one dear friend has met Mr. Alzheimer's. The disease is taking a beautiful memory. Since that miserable disease has attacked a family member or friend of most everyone, we think at times what it would be like to have NO MEMORY.
Thinking of blessings and how good life is to us, I never forget how blessed Sherry and I are. We try to enjoy life when it is GOOD, because after living this long, WE KNOW life will eventually change for us. Life’s lessons are real, no one is exempt.
Enjoy the sunshine, because into every life a little rain must fall.
Nite Shipslog
5555555 the Thing, REmember
Remember (above) THE THING?
Was this a TRans-AM or CAmero?
Firebird or CameroIowa muddy road
Now cars today would not do this!!!


Unknown said...

Jack, I just looked on the internet to see if that car was a Trans Am or Camaro. According to Wikipedia, "The car used as KITT in the series ['Knightrider'] was a customized 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am sports model, that cost US$100,000 to build (about $245,000 in 2014). Nose, dash and other interior of the car was designed by the design consultant Michael Scheffe.
I don't think I ever watched the show, but I sure did like the looks of those cars (back when I was driving an old, beat-up VW bug!).

Paula said...

So good to be back online and yes life can change in a flash. I'm glad I'm a Christian and don't believe in voo doo or I would think someone put a hex on me. Have got to read your book a lot Quite a surprise I wasn't expecting about the take over of the yacht.

Mevely317 said...

Your mention of voice-texting made me giggle.
Unfortunately, I'd waited to try out that feature on my new smart phone until we were well on the way to granddaughter's college. Re-reading it the next day, I wonder if she didn't think her g'ma was hitting the whiskey. (Of course, she was too polite to say so!)

shirl72 said...

I am very blessed..Nice place to live, plenty clothes, food and enough
money..Life is good but. I am thankful that we had a good life growing up a wonderful Mother, Father and family. I hope I will learn how to put pictures on computer. All I can do it type.

betty said...

I think a picture sent by cell phone should take only a few minutes. I can do it but it always takes me a minute to remember how to send pictures that way :) Indeed life is very good and always good to remind ourselves how blessed we truly are :)


Rick Watson said...

Hey Jack, the time it takes to send a picture depends on the size of the picture and the strength of the cell signal. On some phones, I think you can configure texts so they ride the WIFI signal which helps when you have poor cell reception.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to have a friend like that. Life is good and even though that rain must fall...we wouldn't have beautiful rainbows with out it. It would be peaceful being there before the snow birds. Here we have snowbirds of a different kind, they really are birds, but there has been no sighting of them yet either. Glad you two are enjoying the good life to the fullest.