Sunday, October 18, 2015

Do you get a vacation?

One thing about being retired, you don’t get a day off! But as my dear BIL up in Ypsi says, I have six Saturdays and one Sunday in my week now.

Some people get paid vacations MANY do not. Growing up not many folks had paid vacations.  The Cotton mills would shut down for the 4th of July week, but it was not a paid week, just a week off.

The mills gave out turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t remember any bonuses, etc.

I had a brother in business. he worked 7 days a week EVERY WEEK and took one week off in July and went to the beach, but he loved his work. His business began with him ordering some concrete molds to make the Concrete Chickens and Ducks, yard ornaments. He and his wife worked in the cotton mill and poured the concrete at night.

The business grew into China, pottery and flowers, plus the concrete  ornaments.

Scanoldpic9 050

(I built this pop up camper once we used it a couple years)

When I was in the building business I could have done without a vacation, I loved my work.  Building a house was like putting a giant puzzle together, it was fun. But we took vacations anyway. 95% of our vacations were camping.

(The above pic is just to show the gray Rambler Wagon in the background with the back open, )

Scanoldpic9 024Scanoldpic9 077

(Our Tent and our Bear!)

Sherry was not a camper growing up, but she took to it quickly, since she joined a ‘cheap’ family that loved to spend time in the woods.

Scanoldpic9 076

(Above:That is Jack Jr on the right his cousin Woody on the left watching a bear)

Scanoldpic9 018

(The above pic is just to show the gray Rambler Wagon in the background with the back open, )

Once we had a light gray ‘55 Rambler wagon. I sewed a cover for the back so we could leave the back open but covered with a cloth enclosure. After the first night

Sherry saw two LARGE dirty bear prints on the side of the car where the bear had been looking in, right where she was sleeping.  She handled it well, didn’t even scream.

On one vacation in Missouri she was cooking on the camp stove and a Green snake fell out of the tree into the stove where she was cooking breakfast. She did yell a little that time. Of course Mr. Snake didn’t hang around.

Scanoldpic9 025

(We had this when we lived in the keys, My main transport + Camping)

Vacations are important, especially if your job is stressful. I hope you  get a paid vacation.

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PS: We are now living a vacation. The Tent is now a 38.5’ motor home with all the conveniences of home except a dishwasher.




Mevely317 said...

Oh, I think I remember those concrete lawn ornaments on common areas outside the 'motor courts' throughout the South.

Yes, I'm very blessed to have a generous paid-time-off benefit package. Come to think of it, my maternal grandparents rarely left their farm for any amount of time on purpose.

That business with the bear would probably have 'cured' this city girl from ever going camping again! By the way, if you enjoyed 'A Dog's Purpose' author's writing style, I've a hunch you'd love one of his other books, "Emory's Gift." It's a really compelling story about a boy and a bear with a rare gift of communicating God's love.

shirl72 said...

I remember camping with family once and sleeping in the Rambler
and a bear trying to get to the food it smelled put his paws on the bumper and bounce it once or twice. I guess we have traveled so much I am now happy staying put and enjoying scenery in my yard. I have a mother deer and her 2 teenagers, birds and squirrels. I feed all of them and buy special corn for the deer. The other animals eat sunflower seeds.

betty said...

Sherry is a trooper! I'm not sure I would have handled the bear situation so graciously let alone the snake. We would have been out of that campsite in a heart's beat and eating breakfast at any other restaurant down the road! I've been blessed; except for when I worked for myself, always got paid vacations; so important I think to take that rest from work!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A lot of my vacations were spent camping too and those were the best of days for sure ! I had thought that when I retired I'd have lots of camping days ahead, but that didn't work out so now I have at home and the porch gives me a pretty good view so I won't complain, but I do miss those camping days in the woods. Vacations are important. And even more important In my life anyway, are the folks you vacation with.

Unknown said...

Loved this post, especially the pictures. I envy your being able to travel like this. We were quite poor so never went to many places. But I do remember my dad taking us to Sequoia National Park. It was the highlight of my life. Camping out with family was not just a luxury but gave me memories that have lasted a lifetime. Keep traveling and keep enjoying what you experience. I pray for your safety all the time, just like I do my friend Dawn, who travels as you do. Hope both of you get to do this for a very long time.
Take care and God bless.

Lisa said...

I get two weeks vacations which always causes a fuss at work. I take one whole week and spread the other week around into long weekends. We used to get a turkey at Thanksgiving and a grocery gift card at Christmas. 100% of my vacations is Camping. :)

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