Sunday, June 11, 2023

Some things are just nice…

 Car of the Day


You probably didn't know this 30s Ford was equipped with Air Bags!

So for today:

Family means a lot to me.  We had two grandsons on the west coast. A year or so ago the oldest, Corey, a great guy, passed away. I talked about him here when we visited him in Portland.  Corey’s kids are still in the Clearfield UT area.  That is their life and most likely will stay there for their lives. Now the other grandson Benjamin Aaron has moved back to NC.

He is a builder, can do most anything with wood. He loved framing and never got involved with the other areas of construction.. Now it is my pleasure to help him.  He wants a more rounded life in the industry.

I had a chance to show him a little in the electrical area. He is a fast learner. Next he is looking to learn drywall finishing. I took the tools over to drop them off and finished on some electrical things. I was able to show him how to ‘spread mud’ (finish drywall).  I love it, the dude picks up stuff fast….

Sherry and I (and his dad Jack Jr, of course) are thrilled to have all our family down to the grands, here on the east coast. Mark will stick around Florida for a while longer but will head back to this area as soon as he can.

We have known dysfunctional families and it hurts even to see it.  Since I have always prided myself in giving a day’s work (+) for a day’s pay, I see a great work ethic in all the Grands.  My sons have always worked and put in a full day for a day’s pay.

(There are some pictures you are so glad you snapped, Ben and my carpenter's hammer)

Benjamin got a job within 4-5 days after arriving in NC.  He has worked for this company for about a month, and is already being used as a super and keeping his own time card.  Just makes an old Grandpa happy because for years we only saw him for a few days at a time during a year.

So yeah, even when the clouds are heavy, it is great to see a Silver Lining.


Susie said...

Jack, I truly understand your pride in the children having good work ethics. I certainly have it with my daughters, and so far all their kids aren't afraid to work either. I think knowing a skill is a satisfying kind of work. You know when trying to keep a home up and not blow a budget you can learning a lot on line, or classes, or grandpa showing you. My dad taught me to do a bit of easy plumbing, like the sink trap. LOL. Blessings and good wishes for Ben. xoxo, Susie

yaya said...

What a great thing to have all the family close. Your Grandson sounds like a good hard worker. You are right to be proud of him. We're heading back from Portland tomorrow and will miss my son and his family so much. It would be wonderful to have them closer!

Unknown said...

So nice to hear how much you love your family.

Mevely317 said...

What a precious photograph of baby Ben!
I know it's such a blessing to have him nearby. And making a success under your teaching!
How I regret that my father never lived long enough to witness his grandson growing and becoming a Man. I know he'd be so very proud.

Y'all take care now!

Chatty Crone said...

I am not surprised that good work ethics are run in the family. I would be surprised otherwise.
I am glad too that everyone or most everyone are on the east coast.
I wish my son would move back to GA and we could all be closer - but it won't happen - so I am grateful for what I have.
My kids - I am so blessed with too. God is good.

Lisa said...

Me and Nick have been working since we were 16. I remember getting my first job on my 16th birthday. It was at Twin Tops fish camp. I know your familiar.
My daughter has never been without a job since she was 15. She now makes more than me and Nick together. Makes us proud.

Still hungry in Gtown.