Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I am really trying to smile…

 Today’s automobile:

 I do  know it was a TV series and I liked it... YEARS AGO

Right now I cannot think of this cars name, but it could talk..

Some thoughts for today:

But it is hard.  Today we were again reminded we have outlived our time.  First, a water bill. It is a final bill for a home we sold. We have been paying the water bill, exorbitant as it is for a few years. So to the water department. Uh oh, the man inside smiled and said they have moved… We got the address.  Belmont was ALWAYS a small town.  We found the NEW city complex, It is modern and as large as the cotton mills that used to support this town. It wasn’t easy to find the  MAIN ENTRANCE!

The lady was nice, oh you cannot pay here, it must be on line or dropped into a box ‘down town’ cash or check, but we prefer ck or credit card.

I asked, “The total is a little confusing, what do we OWE?” Oh that… “The $136 is not due because of ,,,, the actual bill is $62 or something, you can find it online.”

“The correct amt will be deducted in July sometime.”

Then to the Photo shop at the drug store. I have already tried at WALMART and the person handling that was not there two times. (I need one 8mm film reel and two ancient video cassettes put on DVD).  Now the Drug store guy cannot get the computer to cooperate, “could I come back later? The real guy will be here.”

Then to the home ins. Guy because the bills arrived saying they will deducted from our bank account when due, we are going paperless. “WE informed the lady there we have not authorized the use of our bank account, and we want to pay by CC or check always.”

“Okay but this will take time, please have a seat.” 15 mins later it is done. She had to get secure secret numbers to change it all.

This is not over.  WE use a mail service, in the mail we just called for, They now want to go paperless and need a CC # to make this happen…….

“YES!” Sherry says, “Time to move into assisted living, sell everything, get rid of all our stuff and be regular OLD PEOPLE.”  I am about to agree with her.

WE have outlived OUR time. We can cope I think, but it ain’t no fun. I reminded Sherry, We could drop this nearly $2000 in home insurance, I never insured a home before that was paid off. I’m reminded of a lifelong Insurance man who told me, “WE are betting that your home will not be destroyed. WE are over 90% right. You on the other hand are betting that it will, you are part of the 10%!”




“Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches.” — Richelle E. Goodrich


Resty Life said...

Old memories will be remembered.

betty said...

I think the TV show was Night Rider and the car's name was Kit. I don't think businesses realize how hard it is for us older people to get used to the new ways they want to do things. We have been old fashioned, paying our bills with checks we mailed in for years before everything done online, etc. We need to be slowly and gradually educated on their new system with patience too! I pay pretty much everything online and a lot of it auto deductions. I had to sit down with hubby one time to give him all the passwords and we had to call all the businesses here to put his name on the accounts too so that he would be covered if I pass before him. Otherwise, he'd be clueless on how to figure everything out. You guys do just fine! I don't think you are ready for assisted living yet!!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Betty has a good memory, I do remember that show too. But not until she named it. I too have outlived my time. Nothing is as it should be these days. I don't understand at all but paperwork online is not easy at all. They want our money and we get little choice on how it should be spent. Se don't need scammers to out do us. The untililty companies alone can do that to us. It's no wonder the old folks home looks so attractive.

Susie said...

Every company or business wants us to go paperless, but they send out lots of paper ads all the time. Yikes. I like paying by check or cash. I do not trust everyone's computers to not be hack into. I loved what Sherry said, Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

Let's see if I can remember what I said before Blogger ate my comment!
Basically, I see the same kind of customer (non) service anytime our requests are off their script. Sadly, many young men and women aren't versed in thinking outside the box. Tom's all the time raging against modern technology. I love doing almost all my business online, but I see Sherry's point.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Here in the UK too they all want to go paperless and they encourage us to get "apps" for our cell-phones so we can pay by phone. I don't like that. I get confused by cell-phones and when mine rings I press the wrong button and take a photo of my ear.

Only this week my credit card company wanted me to go paperless. I phoned them and the woman asked me for my password. I said, "F*** Off" and she thought I was swearing at her but that is my password. I used it because I was told to use an unusual word for security reasons. Now it got me in trouble and her supervisor has cancelled my credit card.

Help me, Jack!

God bless.