Tuesday, July 12, 2022


  Today’s automobile:

This is when you have more money than you a have time to spend it, 

Some thoughts for today:

This whole world is in a hurry. Mr. V mentioned we are even in a hurry concerning our religious lives.

I mentioned to Sherry the times I have been cut off by drivers in a hurry.  I notice if I don’t watch myself, I will be in a hurry when I am not in a hurry. LOL

For an old man I am beat. I did cut that Fiberglas tub into much smaller pieces than it came out of the house.

As you read this the tile man should be next door tiling the shower. I declare I have shopped for this job and materials are sky high.  Not only that they are hard to find.

I may be making a mistake (I am Yes and No on this), but I started an apartment in the basement.  I put a bathroom in a couple years back.  I am doing a small kitchenette now in between helping get stuff and cleanup the trash from next doors job.

(This is when you have a little extra money and don't want anyone to know it..?

I am tired.  Thanks for stopping by.




betty said...

Don't look at it as a mistake, Jack. Look at it as a learning experience. People are in a hurry indeed these days. To get where, I'm not sure. I let the fast drivers pass me by. Don't want to risk getting hit by them. Get some rest :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I likw life in the SLOW lane so don't hurry anywhere.. You see a lot more when you are going slow. I'm glad you are able to do so much. and save some $$ not having to pay others to do it for you. I imagine it gives you a good feeling of satisfaction. Take care and take a break if you're tired.

Susie said...

Yikes, those crazy cars, more money than taste. Oh I know the hurry thing well. I tell my sisters...drive fast when you can, slow when you have to and bitch about it. Of course that's just what I say. There are no more slow fun drives, to just be out enjoying the weather and sights, not even country roads. Someone will be right upon you. I think even if I drove 90 someone would be behind me wanting to go 91. I am glad to know you got that tub out. We just don't have the same strength as we age...and it stinks pal. I actually love working and wish I could do more and not have to have an achy back or feet. God bless us all, xoxo ,Susie

Mevely317 said...

Yep, all the time I'm telling Tom, "I'd rather they be (driving) in front of me, v. behind."

Personally, I think the apartment-in-your-basement is a brilliant idea! If push comes to shove, y'all could have a live-in caregiver/housekeeper/cook. Chapter than assisted living.

Please take it easy and keep hydrated!

Woody said...

"Life In The Fast Lane" for me has now become "Slower Drivers keep to the Right" !!! I am right now taking some Heavy Duty Meds for my Back and Joints. Hard to bend down and get back up !! I have to work for awhile then rest, putter around and then sit down ! I like the Idea of Apartment in the Cellar, We had one of those Cut Out Tubs in the Retirement Home and didn't like it !! Coulkdn't "Sit" down in some nice Hot Water soak. This little house has a small Tub and Shower just right for us ! It's now "Summer" up North, Hot and Humid ! You 2 take care and behave, Sending down LOve from the North, Gary and Anna Mae