Tuesday, July 5, 2022

TV, Smart, Dumb?

  Today’s automobile:

 Since it won't be long now, I have arranged for a cheap funeral.........

Some thoughts for today:

I knew it was stupid to order another TV for the house. The one here worked only after I jury-rigged the ‘ON’ button with a ‘C’ clamp.  We actually only turn on a TV once in a while or during some crisis. If our TV’s had a timer they would register less than 4 hours a year.

BUT if we have overnight visitors they would be lost I the evenings without the TV. SO before we left for the mountains I had ordered a TV, a good deal from Amazon. But the delivery date was delayed until we were gone. So when we returned it was here and I set it up. OUCH!

I would like for once in my later years to buy some new electronics that you could plug in and TURN-ON.  HA!

You smart folk would take it in stride. My grand kids could have built the thing. If my great grands could lift it into place they could have set it up.

OK, I finally got it so we could use the antenna!  Are we the only ones in the country who still use a roof top antenna?  LOL!  It still takes 4 steps with the remote to get to the antenna part of the TV, you can’t just hit ON and go.

I think we can get 3,765 ½ channels. They do get garbled at times but the picture is clear most of the time.

Good luck to you OLD folks if you buy a new TV or washing machine…… (The washing machines may be hooked to the internet too, I don’t want to find out!)  LOL  Laughing at myself…..

Now if I can get my pictures down loaded from our cameras……………. 

That is my thoughts for today.



Mevely317 said...

You're not the only one, Jack. We've had our 'smart' TV and TWO remotes a couple years now and I still can't figure it out. (Or should say, 'I won't.') Believe me, if I could find a good old-fashioned television and talk Tom into a roof-top antenna, I'd do so.

'Looking forward to seeing your photos soon!
Keep cool!

Susie said...

Oh boy Jack I hear you...what ever happened to knobs for crying in a bucket? I tried many antennas and none would work, yet my daughter has a plastic one that sticks to the window and it works for her to receive local channels. Well I would love that without paying over a hundred to watch biased news and reruns of old movie. Yikes. I like the old days when we didn't feel the need for so many channels. And do not get me started on washing machines. They are cheaply made and cost a bunch. Blessings. xoxo, Signed, one of the whiners...Susie

betty said...

I gave up trying to figure out the latest electronics/technology. If the kids or grand kids can't do it, then it probably isn't worth having, lol. We don't have a rooftop antenna but have a small one that goes on our mantle to pick up mainly local stations. Saves a lot on cable bills, lol :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Technology is getting so complicated. They now have a fridge combined with a weighing machine. You stand on this platform, if you are too heavy the fridge door does not open.

God bless.