Monday, July 18, 2022

Under the influence…

Memorable car of the day:

 Some people over do it with taking a pet for a car ride! ;-)

For today:

Since medications have made it possible to do great and wonderful things in the surgery rooms and hospitals.  Of course there have been many disappointments but so much exhilaration and joy, at the successes. Doctors must breath a sigh of relief every time they say to the family, "All went well!"

Ahhh, and some funny stories of people coming ‘out from under heavy meds.’  People say some strange things. I was reminded of this today. I was checking to see if Sherry felt well enough to cook supper. Earlier she had a bad Migraine.  She had planned to fix her ‘award winning’ (my opinion) fish stew. She had taken some meds her dr. had given her for her migraine and was taking a nap, I accidently woke her. She asked, “What time is it?”  Then jokingly said, “Where am I?”

I said, “Biloxi, Mississippi!” I was thinking of her first trip to Maternity for our first son, Jack Jr.

They would not let me near her in that USAF hospital, simply told me, “We don’t need you, go home, we will call if we do.”  So I was actually left out.

My mind went to Kirksville, MO and the second boy. They let me in the labor room and everything that went with it.

I saw her kick at a nurse saying, “Leave me alone!” thinking it was me doing the checking.

But the topper  is the story of Sherry’s sister’s first baby, Brenda. Lennie the mother and Elmer the dad. Just after delivery Elmer goes into the room and told her they had a beautiful girl!

She was still out-of-it, she asked, “What did we name her?”

“Sally Ann Flop Skillet,” Elmer said.

“Ohh that is such pretty name,” Coo’d Lennie smiling….

As you can guess that story was around until they both passed.

Were you ever heard saying something interesting if you were ever ‘put under?’

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Mevely317 said...

Now that's funny!
To the best of my recollection, I've not said anything crazy. Not so, my 'ex' who once tried answering the phone with a light bulb.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

A cheerful and humourous post today, Jack. Thank you so much. I needed that.

God bless you and Sherry and family.

betty said...

Love the "cute" name for the baby! I bet it did cause many a laugh when the story was told again and again. I haven't been under the knife so to speak so haven't said anything crazy but my mom when given morphine in her final days was trying to convince my SIL to help her escape from her hospital room and my FIL when also given morphine in his final days called my husband on the phone and convinced him he was outside the house waiting for hubby to come and open the door instead of being in his hospital bed.


Lisa said...

Please tell me they continued to call the little girl “Sally Ann Flop Skillet” as a nickname.
I only remember once being under the influence of some kind of shot they gave me during labor. Having my child naturally with no pain meds, I was in pain..I looked at my mom and asked her if I could cuss. She said, ok, so I said out loud “Oh God Oh God Oh God”. Hahaha.

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