Friday, February 8, 2019

Phone books

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Years ago, moving into a new town a priority was a phone. The phone book had all the local residential phones listed. That book is almost obsolete now. I print our own here in the motor home, but it is mostly for addresses not phone numbers. As you know most #’s get recorded in the ‘smart’ phone. If you need a business number as the kids say, “Google it!”

Since Darnells are not as numerous as Smiths/Jones I always looked for ‘Darnell’ to see if there are any in town. In the town of Kirksville, Missouri there was one Darnell listed. We actually looked them up and enjoyed meeting them.

 They were living antiques, we were in our early 20’s they must have been in mid to upper 70s. Funny how life plays. My motto from scripture is “All things work together for good.” Sherry wanted to take Piano lessons. The Darnell’s had a piano and knew a piano teacher. They set it up for Sherry to take lessons in their home. I did a lot of work around their home, they were fun to be around.

We were having ‘bad’ car problems. The Rambler dealership’s HEAD mechanic said, “Your engine is shot. We can rebuild it for $350-$400.”  He may as well have said $5000. We did not have $300. The Piano teacher’s husband was a mechanic. She suggested that her husband look at it. I took it to him.

He was busy but stopped and listened to my engine. With his head under the hood he said, “Hand me that 7/16” wrench,” as he pointed to the work bench. I did. In less than a minute the engine was purring like a kitten.

“It wasn’t a problem, just a loose nut on the intake manifold allowing too much air to the carburetor.”  He did not know me, and would not take a dime.

My motto held true, because there ARE good honest people this world.
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Chatty Crone said...

Jack my motto is - it is all who you get!

Lisa said...

We dont use a phone book anymore. Like you said, they are all in my contact list of my phone. I have a stationary box where I keep my addresses written down. I still like to send and recieve cards in the mail.
Cute story on the machanic. Nick will like this one.

35 degrees in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Who knew the meeting those Darnells would turn out to be such a blessing for you both. I like your habit of checking to see if there are any folks with you same last name in new towns you visit. I know there are lots with my same name around here, but most are not related. I do still get a phone book every year. But it is much smaller than it used to be. But like you say it is just easier to Google it, so I rarely use it but keep it around just in case.

betty said...

It is sad that phone books are the things of the past. I would enjoy looking through them when we were traveling, looking like you did for people of similar last name, as well as checking out churches, restaurants, schools, etc. Nowadays we still get one from some place but it is not of the same caliber as the ones from years ago. I usually end up tossing it in the recycle bin shortly after we get it. Your meeting of those Darnells truly was a blessing in so many ways!


Glenda said...

This post made me smile, yes, phone books are a thing of the past. Love the story about the piano lessons leading to a mechanic, life is GOOD!

Mevely317 said...

Schzam! You know, when you read something that totally resonates? All of a sudden, I'm an adolescent once more. My parents and I've just checked into another motel room (gosh knows where!) and daddy's sitting on the bed going through the phone book. He was always hoping against hope to find another listing of "Willer." In all those years there weren't any to be found, but I can't help wonder what FUN he'd have had with the internet. Those DNA tests that 'find' relatives, as well. Yours was a real Feel.Good story, Jack. Thanks for sharing 'old' Mr. and Mrs. Darnell!


its a shame telephone books have gone by the wayside. i used to love looking in them for our family name too.