Friday, February 1, 2019

Is this Sticky from your books?

I received an e-mail with the above picture from my grand daughter asking, "Is this the Sticky from your books?

The answer is YES, a man of many talents That is Sticky Moore, the man of Calm, the expert dirt mover the headliner in my first book STICKY.   He is also a supporting character in most of my books that feature the MVA (Modern Vigilante Association.).  And yes I have heard him sing and he is good at that as well. You can bet these guys singing with him are ALSO very good!

My friend Sticky is married to the beautiful   Josephine of Belmont.

I hope to build one more house, the 'Sticky One' will be my first choice to prepare the site.

We have our coach.. Today is a beautiful day in Florida and we have chosen 3 Flags here in Wildwood for our next three weeks.  We have friends here.  Don & Evelyn from back home and Jim & Donna from up in the mountains around Lenoir.  J&D are neighbors of one of my girlfriends, Mary Ann. (Mary Ann also a feature in my book "Mary Ann").

WE are very satisfied with the work and reasonable charges of KARV, and glad to be back on the road..

Nite Shipslog
Tractors of beauty!
 Sticky on his tractor and below me on mine.  LOL On the last job he did for me.


Chatty Crone said...

Back on the road again - with Willie Nelson!

betty said...

Sticky and his lady do make a beautiful couple! Glad you are back on the road in your coach! Enjoy your time with friends!



sticky and his wife make a darling couple. glad to hear the rv is on the move again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you have your home back and are in a good place with friends around. It should be a great way to enjoy the next 3 weeks. Nice you are having some beautiful weather. Things are looking up here and tomorrow we may see 50 degrees. Things are thawing out and life is good here in Ohio.

Dar said...

It's always so good to put a face with a name. Sticky and his fine bride are a handsome couple looking as life has been good for them. Nice CAT and Tractor too. You can get a heap of work done with them. The boys are on their way to the woods today to cut some lumber logs. The deep freeze has finally broken and it's more like a Jan. thaw out there in Feb. We sure are glad of it. I'm sure you and Sherry will have a wonderful time with your friends the next several weeks. Super Bowl tomorrow so we'll be hosting cards, a ribs and beans dinner and football.
lovinhugs from up north as the sun shines on the little bit of snow

Glenda said...

Great to see pics of Sticky, love your stories about him, what a talented man! I'm happy to hear that all is well again, enjoy your friends and the weather :)