Monday, February 25, 2019

More musings.... decisions....

Trucks of Art:
1929 Packard Wrecker

Not too long ago I was thinking about retirement. Well actually that was 22-23 years ago. We had lived in Virginia, DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Florida.  Our home state was North Carolina.  We traveled a good bit just sightseeing and vacationing. Always on a shoestring; Tents and home-made campers.

Near retirement, and after a couple trials; campers and a small motor home, we bought a 38’ motor home and hit the road. We set out to see all 50 states. We enjoyed driving 300-400 miles and finding a reasonable campground and settling for a week or two and exploring the areas. RV parks, state, national and Corps of Engineer parks are cheaper by the week. 

We learned that things were even more reasonable in the less traveled areas especially away from either coast and big cities.

You meet some wonderful people in parks and in small towns where things are not all hustle and bustle. Park people and rangers are some very nice folk also.

The many churches are also an education.

For the past few years we have spent the colder months in Florida.  Now is coming decision time. We have been blessed. We have rental properties that allow us to stay on the road, but with that comes some stress and normal problems. Not the least of which is multiple utilities and property taxes.

We will be doing some soul searching in the coming months and even the thoughts of it, relieves us some. But I know it isn’t smart for an 80+ year old to continue to push a 26,000 pound vehicle. We will weigh all the options. Life changes have always been an adventure to us. I think this will be. Heck, LIFE is GOOD!

I have said all this before, but it is good for me to write it down, because we still cannot make a decision…..

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betty said...

I'm sure you guys will come up with the best decisions that will work for you and your family. Always helps me to make a list of pros and cons and of course lots of prayer :)



i agree with betty. make a list of pros and cons. then decide.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is always hard when making decisions for the future. More than not when I have a difficult decision to make I pray about it, a lot. You do have a lot of property and that always makes for lots of responsibilities too. At some point in life we do have to give up some of those and just enjoy life. Think about where your happiest times have been spent and I think you'll find your answer. I choose the simple life for me and am very happy with where I am at this point in my life and have no regrets.

Lisa said...

I know the feeling. Me and Nick are always talking about what we want to do in the near future but not sure when or where to start. He always finds something to hold us back from our dream living. Me on the other hand would pack it up right this second and go on a wing and prayer.
You kids will make the right decision. Just go with what makes you happy and is better for your life.

From over here.

Dar said...

Life does make us rethink sometimes but in the end, the ' right '-for the moment decision is usually pretty reliable. You two have had a very blessed life with one another and your family. That's what counts for soooo much. I agree also about prayer. It works wonders. Only HE knows your future.
love n' hugs from our snowy, cold north. At least you aren't wintering here this year. It's another bitter day. I chose to put a roast in the oven and stay home.

Chatty Crone said...

I wonder what decisions you are contemplating. And when you get answers - share and I can see if I can use the answers!

Mevely317 said...

As you know, hearts and smarts are very different things. I'm wondering if there isn't a happy medium to be found; perhaps a full-time driver?

Glenda said...

You've gotten some suggestions to ponder, you'll make the right decision when the time is right :)

Woody said...

I know you will make the right decision as I know you will Pray Over It ! Whatever you decide it will work out for the best for the both of you ! I remember how hard it was for Anna Mae and I to sell that last Aliner Camper but with the Health Issues that followed the sale it was the right decision ! What ever your decision, Keep us posted !!! Love from the Windy, Frozen 9 degrees above zero North Country !!! Gary & Anna Mae