Sunday, November 9, 2014

Too many cooks spoil the soup?

Am I remembering that right? 

(Beautiful flowers to brighten a dull blog entry)


In our ride yesterday and sit down at Checkers, we were discussing Life advice.  At one time a new mother mostly had to contend with her mother and her Mother in law.  While trying to be a new mother in her own rite, and still honor the experience of the elders. Well there were also well meaning friends.

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The same with newly weds, the advice from family and friends can sometimes tend to spoil a good ‘SOUP’ (or relationship).

Thinking lately of all that advice available (wanted of not) and folks also contend with SUPER ADVICE FROM EXPERTS on TV and even more so the internet.


Headlines that caught my eye today:

One thing many first-time moms get wrong ….

Hidden reason you're not sleeping well….

Soap to avoid when washing your face……

Study claims to find 'key to happiness'……….

Parents don't need to panic when their child won't walk…………

Reason you'll want to use less ketchup……

And that is just one hour’s worth.

I am not against advice, but Last week I was told on Monday, It has been discovered (again) Eggs are good for you.


By Thursday there was an article how Eggs can kill.

On one of those days there was an article of how Milk is killing us.  The same day there was an article, “Is our water making you fat?”

We all know “that super tasting T-bone steak, is gonna put you in the ground”.


Then there was an article which fruit is bad for you? I didn’t read that one either.

Too much unsolicited advice about health, will raise your blood pressure due to stress.

Too much advice of how to raise your child will cause the mother a nervous breakdown.

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Too much advice about your love life, WILL leave Loveless.

My opinions for today.

Nite Shipslog


The ‘Nite Shipslog’ I use in salutation began a long time ago when I published my log at night. Now I am usually writing at night, as now, but I will publish in the morning.


If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.

~Jay Leno~



1953 Studebaker

(compliments for friend Louis)


shirl72 said...

I enjoyed looking at the beautiful
flowers makes you feel happy seeing
GOD's creation.

I don't need any advice today, but hope you will be available when needed.

That is a beautiful 53 Studebaker.
we had two 53's, 64 Truck, 50
convertible, 56 Hawk and a 38..

betty said...

Such beautiful flowers here, Jack :) I did see some of those stories of advice you posted here. Pretty much we can get advice on giving advice, LOL :) I must admit I can be bad about giving advice, but with new moms I try to give encouragement "You're doing just great" "don't worry he/she will eventually sleep through the night" and my all time favorite advice to young moms "don't rush anything, don't want them to walk or talk or be potty trained, just enjoy where they are right now because it goes by too incredibly fast."


Paula said...

Aha this mad me chuckle. I have already seen my grandson and his wife getting advice from friends on Facebook about their new baby and it's pacifier. I did have to bite my tongue when my ex- son-in-law gave my first grandson ketchup at a young age. I've come to the conclusion to just eat anything I want in moderation and try to cut out grease and sugar as much as I can. Not easy, I like both.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I sure enjoyed the bright flowers you pictured. Yes there is a lot of advice out there and I take it with a grain of salt. No matter how well we eat or not, we're all going to go sometime, so I'm just trying to enjoy it all while I can.

Mevely317 said...

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time my boss remarks about someone's personal life: "You SHOULD do this (or that) ....". Almost makes one want to turn around and do the opposite! lol.

As usual, it sounds as if "MA" has a good handle on things.

Jean said...

Like MA, I don't pay much attention to what they say is good or bad for us to eat. I eat what I like and want, and seen quite a few years in fairly good health, ha.
We are having some cooler weather up north of you, but I think that will change for a few days this week, so maybe I can get the yards cleaned out.


We are in the information age. Problem with that is too much information.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I could not agree more. The new - the same news - is always changing. One minute it is good for you and then it is not. And there is sooooo much news going on out there - it's crazy!