Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween in the Park, our walk

Halloween 002 - Copy

Our walk takes us around the perimeter of the park here at Thousand Trails Orlando.

Halloween 007

As we walk we get to enjoy the sites and wave. Most folk have something to indicate the season.

Halloween 011

some more elaborate than others of course.

Halloween 003

The above shot, is one of the most unique  spots in the park. Papa Motor home, Mama motor home, and baby. Plus a golf cart. All painted alike.

Halloween 001 - Copy

It is always a treat to see a classic tow vehicle, here is a 1961 Chevy I believe.

Below Halloween and an elaborate dog fence.Halloween 008Halloween 010

As a whole, RV’ers are very patriotic.

Halloween 012

We got a wave from an OLD MAN on top of his ‘Alfa See-Ya’ Coach. The Alpha is a beautiful coach. Below is a Live Oak Hammock, if it was darker would make a scary scene. Of course I yelled “Don’t Jump!”

Halloween 024Halloween 013

Above is one of the more elaborate layouts. Below are Pumpkins and a grave yard.

Halloween 014Halloween 016

We always like going by this yard, the skeleton always pops out the door with a ‘BOO’

Halloween 018Halloween 019

Above shows we are near Disney and Right above is a Canadian American. Ready for a warm winter. Below one of my favorite views, palms and RV’s Smile

Halloween 021Halloween 022

Above is a mystery to us, What does this guy haul behind his RV?  Maybe his ‘STUFF’?

Halloween 023

Close to the end of our walk and time for a camper to have a fire.

Halloween 025

Halloween 026

As you can see above, some folk make an elaborate camp site. Some will stay here all winter. We will move around, something in the blood.

Halloween 004

The end of a great day, we were ready for trick and treaters, but none came.

That was our walk, about 3 miles.

Nite Shipslog



Bye ‘til next Halloween. I did not know this was animated until I posted it!





Mevely317 said...

All these great photos make me long to hop aboard!!!
Nice to know your observation about RV-ers being patriotic folk. :)

Can you see the nightly fireworks from Disneyworld from the park?

Mevely317 said...

Me, again. That little fellow above is pretty cute, but the choice of Halloween transport (casket) make me question his parents' thought process.
Creeps me out!
(Or, is my age showing? LOL!)

Paula said...

Loved that walk. That would probably be me if I traveled, hauling all my "stuff" behind me. I'm so attached. Wouldn't you really like to know what he has in there?

Unknown said...

Jack it was so much fun seeing you and Sherry . I didn't get on yesterday. Didn't have time. I have been confused since I got in Google but I just keep clicking until someone rescues me or I find my way out.. I have heard from nearly all of the crew. Sheila wants me to e-mail her on Facebook but I have no idea if she has been on this facebook or not and I can't find the blog she sent me with her address on it or not. Will see.

betty said...

Enjoyed walking with you and Sherry, Jack! Looked like lots of fun with all the decorations to see! We too didn't have any trick or treaters, third year in a row! I think next year we won't even buy any candy LOL :) (just bought one this time, thankfully not a favorite of mine :)



looks like a nice walk. Enjoyed seeing all the decorations. We had about 6 trick or treaters here. More than usual. Enjoyed seeing them.

Woody said...

Enjoyed the "Walk Around" and see ing everything, love your picture tours, celebrated Anna Mae's Birthday today" cold here and snowing, well, take care and enjoy the sun!!
Love from the soon to be frozen North Country!!!
Gary an Anna Mae !!

shirl72 said...

Enjoyed seeing all the Motor Homes.
Looks like a nice park.

I didn't have anybody to come
around and play trick or treat.
I don't think they are many
children around here. It did
start raining so they probably went back home.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always enjoy your walks. It's fun to see how folks decorated their sites. Sorry you didn't get any trick or treaters. They are always fun to see. We didn't get as many as usual but at least we had about 30. I loved the picture of the palm trees and the sunset and laughed at the cute animated pumpkin. Hope you all have a wonderful day there in the sun !

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say one thing - it is a lot warmer and sunnier then Atlanta today. A bit chilly. Nice walk you had.