Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our History is in pictures

I set in front of this computer and see such wonders in modern technology. In the quiet of our motor home, as Sherry sits and reads I see pictures as they pass by in a random slide show of the 36000+ pictures of our life, they are stored here. I smiled as I saw me feeding a deer in Texas:

Deer visit 013

Lake Medina, sorely in need of water has hundreds of these deer around.

And I thought about a Kiss on the San Antonio Riverwalk that Jack jr. caught.

014 - Copy

(We couldn’t kiss good without laughing that day! we were having a good time with our sons)

Naturally I  thought of Paula and John. It was our joy to meet just south of San Antonio. John is a very personable Rancher, they make a neat couple.


She is just as sweet in person as she appears on her blog . We wrote a book together, inspired by her relationship with a large Land Turtle she called Toby. The book is a Children’s book called ‘Toby’s Tales’.

At  Paulinescountrytales  she writes about life on the ranch. She also writes some cute poems, they are featured in the book.


scan1996-97 0401

(Shirl always make a booklet of pictures for all the family)

This pops up and I remember family, sister Shirl and Jim at one of our family Christmas times. Jim is easy to miss after his passing. WE were out of the news pretty well when we lived in GITMO. During that time Shirl sent Sherry the Magazine where Bert Reynolds did the nude centerfold (Of course I made her burn it! Surprised smile)

Next more travel pictures:

scan1996-97 0621

We made a trip to Dodge city (My fav. coffee cup came from this trip, yeah I am still using it chip and all)

scan1996-97 0651

Site of the OK City Bombing Not long after the debris was removed. Hundreds of Memorials attached to the fencing.

scan1996-97 0741

I first thought Nova Scotia, but this is Kennebunkport, in the distance is the Bush enclave. (You can no longer stop there and view, security doesn’t allow it.)

scan1996-97 0841

Then some trip to the North East, Sonny and I were sent to wash dishes in the creek. Then my mind goes wild, we made so many great trips with Sonny and Colette (Sherry’s sister).

Scan0022 - Copy

Me, sis’s Shirl, Kat and big brother Junior, Older bro Odis had passed at this picture.

Scan0045 - Copy

Sherry on the left, Sonny & Colette, (Their daughter Vickie and Hubby Jackie), came to visit when we lived in D.C. They toured the White house. I never did.

Scanoldphoto3 023

My home away from home for a couple years, the CVA-62 USS Independence.

It isn’t actually easy to look these pictures up after they pass. I have to make notes to find them.

But I am so happy to enjoy this technology, It keeps family, friends and travels fresh in my mind.

Nite Shipslog


I figure I will pass away, wondering what is over the next hill.



My first car, 1948 Chevy, I wouldn’t mention it, but we saw a Black one just the other day on our way to Melbourne. Lotta memories in that car…


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do the same here and so enjoy seeing the past times in my life. Your pictures are of some very good memories and they are wonderful The great thing is for me, that I don't take picture of the bad times, only of the good times. The bad times aren't worth remembering. They may teach us some valuable lessons, and hopefully I'll remember those, but I don't want to see pictures of them for sure. I am thankful the internet and my computer too.

betty said...

How cool with the pictures like that, Jack, that you can look at and remember the great memories you and Sherry have made through your lives :)


Mevely317 said...

What a treasure trove of memories at your fingertips! Is there anything more precious that photos?

Love this image of you and Sherry k-I-s-s-I-n-g on the park bench.

Know now what they mean when they say, 'heartwarming.'

shirl72 said...

What a good blog..It sure brought
back good memories. Thank goodness we made use of every holiday and
anything we could think of to have
a get together. I sure miss all
of them. I do get sad when I think of only two left of our family. But we have good memories to hold on to and when I think of the good times it makes me happy. Life is good and thank the LORD we did have good families.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I enjoyed going thru your pictures and seeing some of your past and your life - you have had a nice one.

Paula said...

Enjoyed your memories and we think of when you all came by. Hope your thanksgiving was nice. I spent mine in the hill country with my daughter and John spent it with one of his sons at Hondo.


Pictures always tell the story. You have wonderful memories, indeed.

Rose said...

Love the picture of the kiss!

You both have such wonderful memories to cherish and continue to make more everyday. That makes me happy.

Love you guys!