Friday, November 14, 2014

Reading, and writing and ‘rithmetic

(Folks that know me think it odd that I write, but not as odd as some of these trees.)

I started reading late in life. I learned of the fun and excitement authors could stir in me.  some writers can actually raise my blood pressure in suspense I do believe.  I have my favorites, but now the list is so long I cannot begin to list them. for many of my later years I read two novels a week. I ate them.


I was an entertainer. I entertained kids. As a chalk artist I enjoyed the challenge of telling a story and drawing the picture that went along with it.  many times I challenged kids to come to the easel and pick a color chalk and make a mark or two on the blank paper, and I would tell a story and draw from those marks. I loved it and the kids did too.

I used many mediums to teach and entertain. BUT with the failing of the hearing it became impossible. I tried to fake it for a few years (still do at times) but after awhile you have to accept some things.


Since I loved to tell tales, So I decided the next best thing was writing a book, how hard can that be?  Tough. Much easier to spin a tale. I learned quickly how many body movements, actions and facial expressions the story teller uses to assist the verbal delivery.

I still haven’t mastered it by any means but I am still trying. I started a book awhile back the third one I have started in the last two years. Two still rest in the oven awaiting my attention. The third one, I am finishing. When I start a book I have no idea how it is going to end. Sorta like the tales for the kids.


But about chapter 15 you get to thinking how is this going to end.  Trouble is when I think of this great ending, I start hurrying to get there saying “THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD”.

Because of that, this is going to be the shortest novel I have written, I am estimating 150-180 pages.


The book subject? title?  later.

Thanks for reading. I was so wrapped up in the book I nearly forgot to make a blog entry.. LOL

Nite Shipslog


This is gonna be good. hahahahaha I am happy with the book. each of my books have done better in publication than the last.  Finally Love, that was proofed by friend Bonnie who has the Blog Organic Discourse, was the most successful yet.


From Paul out on the West coast: Vehicles in Advertising

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I remember Blatz beer.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It must be a great feeling of accomplishment to write a book. I love reading but never really thought of writing my own. I can hardly wait to see what you've written this time. I did enjoy the pictures of the different trees, are they a clue to your book? It's cold and snowy in Northern Ohio and I'm about ready to settle in with a good book here inside where it is warm !

Elizabeth said...

I enjoy reading your blog so I am sure your books are wonderful !


I know what you mean about writing. Sort of how i approach my blog. 150-180 pages sounds like a short story. Bet it's great.

Paula said...

I think you get better with each book. I really liked the last one. Will be looking forward to the next.

shirl72 said...

I like the first book Sticky. I believe the story about Sticky's life until you told me it was fiction. You are a good story teller. You practiced by black-mailing me with stories you said you would tell Dad so you could go in the car with me when I ask Dad for the keys.

Do you remember us coming around the Mountain when Dad sent us to the store for drinks to serve
visiting Missionaries. I feel sorry for Mother and Dad with us
to teenagers.

Rose said...

I enjoy your blog and your books both. You are a very talented man.

I'm on my computer less these days due to pain in my hands from R/A. But I force myself to try and keep up with reading my favorite blogs and posting in my own here and there.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

Unknown said...

Being able to tell a story is definitely a gift. Having a story to tell is an even greater gift.

betty said...

Intriguing with the new book you are working on. I think somethings the length of the book under 200 pages can be a good thing, a quick good read :)

Cute pictures of trees; some sure grew in interesting ways!

Writing to tell a story is a good thing too; it preserves the story better than sometimes words spoken.


Chatty Crone said...

I know that your book will be good because I read the last one and loved it.

I want to know how many hours a day do you work at things? Amazing.

Mevely317 said...

Why, these photos practically shout the term, tenacious. Isn't nature bizarrely-wonderful? (Ya, I just made that up.)

Personally, I can't wait to read your latest book!

Sheila Y said...

Those trees were neat! Books of short stories sell well. I know I have few. I like series too, where you have some of the same characters. I think you are on the right track! I hope you are warm on this chilly day, send us some moisture so we will have snow. :-)
Tell Shirl to get her snow dancing shoes ready!
Love from NC, Sheila