Wednesday, November 19, 2014


(Photo’s because I like them, water soothes)
I once heard the definition of an expert was a ‘Drip under Pressure’.  In my life I have met a few experts. Today I read on the news that we should follow the French advice of feeding babies. ‘A study’, I love that statement, any way a study was completed showing that children in France do not mind eating veggies, they do not turn up their noses at veggies and refuse to eat them. Now I do know that happens in the US of A.
But the study concluded if you mixed pureed veggies to the babies milk, before 6 months, they would develop a taste for them and always eat their veggies. I am not sure, but it seems we spoon fed veggies to our boys, ain’t that what all those little baby food glass jars were full of? I loved those little dudes. I had a workshop full of ‘em with nuts and bolts in ‘em.
I know we fed them veggies, I thought I would wear their little mouths out, scraping the spoon back across as some invariably came out. Oh well, it was a University study, so it must be right. ……They are the experts.
A creek running through the woods.
I have been alive, longer than I ever expected, and over the years I have wondered what makes us different. There are no two of us alike. (I know the Experts know, there must be a study)
Like tastes in clothes, I have wondered why some folk require  ‘name brand’ clothes. And to others of us it is silly. I told my grandson once when he wanted a pair of ‘Air Jordon’ shoes. Son we need the money much more than Mr. Jordon does.
scan1990-91 055
(You cannot read it But that is a Darnell’s  Const. Hat at the Alamo.)
I had a collection of Ball caps from over the years, given to me by salesmen and other company reps. I always told them thanks, maybe one of the boys might want them, but if I am going to advertise for someone, it’s going to be Darnell’s Const. and I would  offer them one of ours. Once my wife brought a joke home that she had cut out of a magazine, she put it on my Office bulletin board. And said, “This is YOU.”
Birth location determines a lot of our opinions. A person born on a farm looks at things different from the guy born in town.
Folks born with church going folk are minded different than the folks who never attend.
There are those of us who are athletic and others who are brainy.  The rich guy cannot know what it feels like to be in a position of “if they don’t work my family does not eat.”
We with homes and a warm fire, cannot understand the person who is homeless with children in the winter. We can sympathize, but we cannot KNOW unless we have been there. I thank goodness I have never been there.
El Matador
Differences make the world. Some are more blessed than others. But when the last breath is near, we are on a level playing field.
Fort Jefferson dry tortugas
Thanks for reading my ravings.
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PS: (I read this somewhere)
How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark ...
to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?
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Vehicles used in Advertising…. (thanks Paul)


betty said...

I liked the pictures you featured here, Jack. It is different how our perspectives can be with clothes, food, etc., based on where we were born, how we were raised, etc. It is interesting about the theory of putting pureed veggies in with milk. Makes you wonder if the kids tummys are ready for that at such a young age.


shirl72 said...

Enjoyed reading this one makes sense
to me. We were raised in the City
in a religious home. We had everything we wanted and needed. I always thought Dad was rich because if I ask for a quarter I would get it. Didn't take me long to realize how hard it was to make money when
working for a living. Dad and Mother always made things look so
easy. What a good life we had..

Rick Watson said...

Another good take on things that matter.
We've kept our nieces and nephews since we first married. So many of the parents would tell us "our son don't eat veggies."
Well, they ate them when they stayed with us :)
And don't get me started on experts :)

Jean said...

When my children were babies they tell us to start feeding at 6 weeks and I don't think it hurt any of them. Ha, great post as always Jack.

Jackie said...

Hello my friend.
I, too, have raked the baby spoon gently back and forth across my little one's mouths as the veggies in a jar that I fed them came oozing out of the sides of their mouths. What a lovely memory to smile about.
It is the time to reflect and count our blessings. Actually, I should do that each and every day, and I pray that the Lord will help me to remember to be more mindful to do that. I have so very much to be thankful for.
I love your blog...have missed being here, and I hope that you and Sherry and those you love have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving.
Sending you both hugs,


You have to walk a mile in another's shoes before you understand them, it's true. Momma's have been feeding babies veggies for years, you're right.

Paula said...

Mel used the baby food jars for nuts and bolts too. In fact he made a turning dispenser type thing out of the jars. I think you can buy something similar and he just copied it and hung it in his garage. That idea of putting the veggies in the milk sounds logical to me. Mine two always liked the pears and pineapple.

Glenda said...

PROFOUND. This is another 'favorite', You nailed it [pun intended] on so many topics. I personally like Sherry's cartoon the best, just sayin' :) Hugs from Chobee, it's 48 degrees and feels like thirty. Hope you two are snuggled up and cozy in your home on wheels!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully we are all different, and I agree, in the end no matter what, we'll all be in the same playground. They say we may warm up today to above freezing. It's been very cold here. Hope you all are enjoy ing some warmth there in the sunshine state.