Saturday, July 23, 2016

Still Looking

(The pictures are supposed to cool you guys in the heat wave )

Here I am with not a lot to say, very unusual.  This house hunting is sorta fun, but frustrating also.  The aids for locating and looking at property are amazing.  The trailer we have been looking at fit the bill for what we want. One of the drawbacks of builders in Florida they build so close to the property line you cannot drive a vehicle beside the house.  It appeared the trailer had plenty of room.

So I searched the county maps and over laid the property lines on the trailer and it appears there is not enough room for the RV.  Shucks.  WE may drive over and check out the actual site since I now have the lot size.

Oh, that downer is matched by a piece of property that was out of our reach, price wise. It is back on the market with a price reduction that puts it at the top of our range to buy.  So we will have Kathi, our real estate lady check into it.  I cannot tell by the pictures if the motor home will fit so when we check the trailer again, we will look.  It is a fire damaged home, but I think we can handle the repairs.

We had a fall back property from the trailer, but while we wait, it is now under contract.  Property is moving here, it certainly is a seller’s market that is for sure.

Shopping is both fun and frustrating. Each day can hold a surprise, maybe tomorrow ours will jump into print!

From the world of the ‘cheap’ home shoppers……….

Nite Shipslog

PS: Rick over at Life 101 just published his 4th book, ‘Life Goes On’.  Rick is a professional writer, his works are ‘good reads’.

Ice Cream, something else to cool you off.
Lisa over at 'Life away from the Office Chair' Married into the Dimeo family. I tried to lift the picture from her blog, but my system locked up. I found this on the internet. I never had the pleasure, but I heard it ws great!


salemslot9 said...

From the world of the ‘frugal’ home shoppers……….

nothing wrong with that

good luck!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those cooling pictures were appreciated. I know I'll miss summer when it's gone, but this heat is a little overwhelming for me. Enjoy the hunt as much as you can. It's important to find a place that feels like home.

Lisa said...

Keep looking Jack. Eventually you and Sherry with trip over the perfect one. Meanwhile enjoy your search and have fun with it.

Thanks for the little shoutout.

betty said...

Took us 5 months, patience is a virtue, but it can be frustrating wondering when it will all come together. Supposed to be 114 here today.


Mevely317 said...

I like your attitude, Jack!
Not sure why, but I sense you n' Sherry could make a good time out of an IRS audit! (*smile*) It's all about the journey, hmmm?

I've not paid much attention, but I sure hope Florida's seller's market turns this direction.

Unknown said...

Speaking of hits you in the face the minute you step outside.
Hope you find one that suits your needs...I can move to a retirement center
and you can move in here. We can make an apt. downstairs and I can move
there I just need two rooms cook and sleep. Move in the big side yard here.
Lets build a house in the back yard..


The perfect place has not yet come into view. Keep looking. It's out there waiting for you to find it.