Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another trip to Deland and Deltona, looking....

You see half the downtown of Wildwood the other side is the same. That reminds me of two roads we ran into today. in our adventure. One was 'Anna Road'. Believe it or not there was the second road legally named 'Another Anna Road'. 
This was a beautiful day here in Florida. The evening thunderstorms have cooled us off a lot. It was 78* at 0830, felt good. We plan to stopped by Darrel's Cafe.  He has converted a quick-stop that was shut-down, due to tornado damage several years ago. Touted as ' A Dog Gone Good Place to Eat'  on US301. 

That that brought back memories of things past, before interstates, 301 was THE road to the lakes of central Florida. It was filled with the Citrus Tourist 'traps'. Still busy, but just a shadow of it's earlier glory.

Again we drove thru the Ocala Forest, a beautiful ride to our first ADVENTURE destination:
42019 St Claire Lake Drive. 
 OOps!...... we ran out of pavement 3miles back, that is a mud hole up ahead.

Things can't be too bad, the mud hole wasn't bad.  Things can't be all bad when you see 'Jesus Way' can it?
Ah, this should be it, sorry for the picture but the road was a little rough.
This is a little shaky I know, but we will follow the road, hoping there is a way out without going back.
Uh oh, the end of the road, yep, back 7 miles of one lane dirt road. we passed a pretty doe on the way out here.
Yep, she was still waiting around to get her picture taken.  We don't remember laughing so much. Most of the spots here were trailers.  We have no problem with trailers we  lived many years in trailers, but some of these were pretty run down and I know Sherry and I aren't gonna settle on a dirt road, too much dust.

We did see some promising property and learned something about the neighborhoods. It is for sure we will need a place that is high profile, not like the ones on the dirt road. We will be absent for a few weeks at a time, and need a neighborhood that has a neighborhood watch.

We also looked at this place
Not a great picture, but it is in a senior community (Sherry Qualifies us LOL) and it is across the street from the office, high profile. So it is a possibility. It would be easy to find for the kids if they come down for Orlando's Fun Parks or DAytona Beach. 

 I promise if we get a solid lead I will show it. But the one we liked today already had a contract pending.

We had company when we got home.

I love these giant birds (Sand Hill Cranes) They have a bright red head and I think these are the ones that have a sound like a Grunt followed by a Bell. They actually ring. Does anyone know?

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 1941 Graham above,  1941 Chevy below


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd agree on the dirt road living...that would be a no for sure. You certainly have seen a wide variety there. Hopefully you'll find that perfect place sooner than later.

Lisa said...

Im glad you didnt play the ol "run out of gas" trick with Sherry while heading down that dirt road.
That little eating joint sounds yummy.

Keep on keeping on

betty said...

I like your visitors you had! What a road for the house to be on! Wise to avoid that one for so many reasons. At least you are getting to check out the area as you are looking for a house to settle in :)


Mevely317 said...

Recalling some of Florida's "toad-frog stranglers" (thunderstorms), I'd worry about ever getting home down a dirt road in one piece.

You may have addressed this before and sorry if I missed it ... but have y'all considered finding a pretty little spot of land and building just one more?

Glenda said...

Last week I subscribed to email updates AND so happy be I did ~ my laptop was hacked and compromised. It's been in the shop since Friday (the guru who fixed the situation has a number of out of town accounts and just got me up an running today ~ he delivered it to me) but by using my phone I've had a daily message as to your house hunting efforts!!!
You will find the perfect spot to nest for the season, it takes time :( Love the dirt road story, the perfect spot is waiting for you!!! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

The thing about dirt roads you cand usually see the dust when someone's coming and hear the red rock popping u dear their tires.

Paula said...

We ride enough dirt roads to make me know I don't want to live on one. I like your visitors, hope you invited them for supper.


LOVE your visitors.