Sunday, July 17, 2016

Neighborhood searching and the Police

I am not sure if I mentioned that the last house  we wanted in our selected price range, bit the dust. The other offer got in before ours. I know something else will come up, but we all get anxious to 'find the ONE'.

We are expanding our area of interest. Kathi is sending us some more from the wider area.  WE want to drive around the neighbor hoods and see what feeling we get.

WOW, we have had some BAD STUFF happening in our country. I ran a blog entry here about bad/good incidences with the law and an entry on another forum. The consensus is, yes there are bad apples but it is the same in our world as a whole. It was agreed that we NEED the police or our nation would fall into chaos.

I have NEVER thought there would be a time the police would become targets on a wholesale basis! 

I have no doubt this will be ended and things will get back to normal, but I am afraid too many have already been 'hurt' and died by the actions of a few.  And more than likely there will be more incidences. Pray for our nation.  WE need understanding on all sides.

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Lisa said...

You hit the nail on the head when you said we need prayer and understannding from both sides. Ive lost sleep over all this chaos. I worry about our country, my friends and my family. I worry about what the future will be like for my daughter. The higher powers have let to many things slide and as opened the door for maddness.

Good luck on this weeks search

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear that your last offer for a house bit the dust. One thing for sure when you find the right one, it will work. I always like to thing that what will be, will be. There is something just right for you and you'll find it. We do need our police officers. I hate to think what a chaotic world we'd live in, if we didn't have them. Not only do they enforce the law, but the keep the peace too.

betty said...

Sorry to hear about the last house not working out. As you know, it will come together, but I understand your anxiousness to have it come together sooner than later. Good that you are broadening the area you might be looking into buying in. Could be a gem out there just waiting for you and Sherry.

I am so saddened with the events over the last few weeks of violence towards the police. You are right, there are good and bad among each and every group of people or workers. In talking further with daughter in law last night, why she feared for her brother was an incident that happened to him around the 4th of July. He drives an older BMW and has a bit of a "past". He gets stopped on occasion, perhaps more than he should be. Got stopped for something and the police searched his vehicle and found a large amount of cash (which was rent money he was taking to the bank to deposit). They suspected he might be selling drugs so confiscated the money and gave him a court date to "clear it all up." Meanwhile, he has to go to a loan type of place to try to get a loan to pay the rent and he's not 100% sure he'll get the money back from the police after his court date. Its sad when the police automatically think someone is capable of actions from the past and don't give them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they have changed. Yet I saw this exact same thing with how the police profiled son for a few years (he finally moved out of the area and in the new area wasn't targeted like he had before.)

I will keep praying because that's the only thing this country needs, that and Jesus :)


Mevely317 said...

Like the '7 Stages of Grief', I find myself experiencing all sorts of emotions this last week.
Anger and Despair usually vie for center stage ... but there's NO way I'll entertain Acceptance.

Something I saw out on Facebook this week: How sad, (that) our military sons and daughters are fighting and dying overseas to protect us ... while we're killing each other here at home.

Unknown said...

I am almost lost for words the way our world is going. It is so sad for
the people who protect us to get shot. They also have families that will
suffer the loss. I guess you are still looking for a house you like and
what you want to pay. Come on back home where you are missed and loved.


So the house hunting continues. Must be something there somewhere. It's HIDING. You'll find it.