Friday, July 15, 2016


That is one of mama's words. When some one's thoughts bounces around like a styrofoam cup in the back of a speeding pickup truck. I picture a butterfly as scatteratic when I watch their flight.  So that is my mind today.

I picked up a magazine once when Sherry was at the doctor.  It was a boat magazine. You know the cool fancy sail and power boats.  There was about 20 pages of boats for sale. NONE less than $100,000. It hit me, WOW there are some rich folk in the country. I saw some in the millions, several had their own helocopter.
If you read my book "The Vacation", below is a picture of the Titiana (Tie-she-anna) That Jerry & Sherry leased for their vacation.

The Doctor's office was in the Villages and they had a TV on about house hunting and buying. These folk were looking at a home in the $600,000 range with a $400,000 remodel budget. I built houses for years and cannot fathum that price range, although I know it exists. 

As I sit here now, it goes through my mind that SOON my sons will sit where Sherry and I sit in life. The grand/great grand of a family.  For myself, I am satisfied with what I see.  I hope they can be as happy with what they see.
(Sherry and I still talk about the family cruise, what a wonderful time)

I made a few bad decisions in my life and still lived thru them.  I see some shaky decisions by family members, but know they have some solid footing, baring a disaster, they will make it. I have said I am a 'know it all', and it is hard to hold your tongue until you are asked. I am doing pretty well.

Friend Joan out in Utah (the other grand parent), sent me some 'funnies and facts'. One was:

Tell me again, WHEN DOES THAT, "YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER" Start to kick in?  
(and I said, 'Ain't that a good question?')

Sherry heard from Jack Jr. who is visiting his son Ben and granddaughter Elsie out west in Utah.  They seem happy.
 Elsie and Grandma Carol.

Elsie Mae and Daddy Ben
I think I have scattered enough.
Nite Shipslog

from the Chrysler Corp 1960's


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think any one would be happy to have what you and Sherry share. That word scatterratic is a good one! Lots of good thoughts in your post today.

Lisa said...

Are our kid ever really old enough to know better? I wonder sometimes. I think squirrels are scatteratic.
Great post.

From rainy gtown

betty said...

Loved the picture of the family! So many wonderful memories indeed on that cruise. Your mom had a great word, again she was a wise woman in so many ways!


Back Porch Writer said...

I'm reading the VACATION now. It's on my ipad. I'm enjoying it but it's taking me forever b/c I usually sit down with actual books and read my ipad only during travel! But that is ok. I just pick back up where I left off easily! I liked seeing the ships!
What a big honker! ;-)

Mevely317 said...

What a cute term, scatteratic. Bet-cha it's going to live on in more than one reader's vocabulary. :)

Ya, it's sobering to look at our "kids" and imagine them sitting where we are now. You n' Sherry have sure set a wonderful example!

Paula said...

Like that word your Mama termed. We're waiting for John's son to take him to the ranch today. They don't want him to go out there alone in this heat. Also there is so much road work out there it is hard to get in and out of the gate. will be nice when they finish though. You and Sherry have a good rest of the week-end.

Unknown said...

Hope you find a house that you like...I like the one that you liked and it
was sold. Maybe another one will show up that will suit what you are looking for. We had a good rain today but no storms thank goodness.

Woody said...

Good Luck finding the house, we see a lot of people from up here heading south to Florida. The majority of them are now going to "The Villages" where they are spending over $100,000.00 + for a small home worth about $40,000.00!!!
Nothing much going on here, heading out camping again this week. You 2 take care, love from the North ! Gary & Anna Mae !

Rick Watson said...

I think I'll adopt that word and attach a new meaning. My great nephew comes to visit and leaves his thing scattered all through our house . I think it makes him a scatteratic.


we are all old enough to know better. Sometimes though it's still fun to test the water.