Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Facts of Life, Sad but true

Have you ever had a FACT slap you in the face? Stun you?  Just yesterday as we looked at prospective houses I realized this search was different. We bought our first house for $3,000. Then later we bought a trailer, then another trailer. Then after a long spell of renting we bought a home for $21,000. Following that, over time we built three beautiful homes.  Each one we planned to spend the rest of our lives in, I mean many years, you know, THE REST OF OUR LIVES (A lot of years). We bought a couple more homes with the same attitude.

We are in our late 70’s. It hit me. The average life expectancy in the USA is 78 and change. Florida longevity is 79.45.  Our health is above average, so figure if we are lucky we will beat the average by 8 years.  So this is what hit me, we are looking to buy a home for maybe 8 years. I have NEVER done that before.

Before you start saying folks live to be 100+, yep they do, but they are exceptions, definitely not the rule.  Some folk laugh at polls and averages, but they  hold true.  The day before any election,  if the major polls say ‘Joe Jones’ will win. You can take that to the bank. This is not 1948 Dewey and Truman, these pollsters will come danged close.

So I am a person who believes in averages, because they prove to be correct. Oh, I honestly think I will beat the odds, but that is my nature, I am an optimist.  But even optimists have to face facts, in this world not many folk are safe drivers after 88 years of age.

Florida is a great place, there's a lot of enjoyment here. BUT it can be a sad place. You may remember Rose, of 'Roses are Read'. She lost her hubby here in Florida. She wanted to move back to Boston, but could not get enough out of her condo to buy a place in Boston. I hope she made it back to Boston before she passed, but she probably did not.

Sherry and I are fortunate. That is if our sons out live us, they will make sure the one left makes it back to NC before passing.  (we hope we know that. ;-)

More tomorrow night.

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Ah that '49 Ford would nearly fly



My hubby will be 77 in September and I'd like us to downsize and move somewhere else. He prefers to stay put and unfortunately we just can not maintain this place. It's sad to think our last years will be making repairs instead of enjoying what time we have left.

betty said...

It was sobering when we bought this house with a 30 year mortgage that more than likely we will not live to see it paid off. It is good to know that the one left behind will have the support of family to get back to home base.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've lived here in the house over 20 years now and am thinking I'll not move unless I have too, but yes, sad but true, we can make all the plans we want, but we are not the ones in charge of tomorrow. It's nice I do have some family close by. I try not to plan too far ahead but take it day by day. They say it's not so much the years in your life you have but the life in your years. We can only take it one day at a time.

Lisa said...

We are finally free from house payments but now we most likley will "average" the same monthly amount on repairs and fix up.
The average numbers are pretty much correct in life span but lets hope we are above average.

Happy hunting

Jean said...

I try not to worry about the average life span since I've already past it, but I live life like I'm gone live a long time. I just bought a new washing machine and plan to use it a long time.(smile)
We have lived in the same house we had built now for over fifty two years and hope I'm able to stay here, but we never know. Good luck on you house hunt I hope you will find what you want soon. Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

This made me remember something my dad was chuckling about so many years ago: Shortly after they closed on their new home in Port Charlotte (in '81) he was delighted to get an offer in the mail for mortgage insurance. "69 years old ... imagine that!"
Less than 90 days later he was dead from his first coronary.

At this stage in our lives (Tom's 74, I'm 66) I'm reluctant to own again. Tom's still able to handle the yard and the pool himself, but the cancer took its toll. Once we sell, I'm all about renting ... feeling free to go this way or that, depending on circumstance and whim. :)

Unknown said...

I think about things we have faced over the years and wonder what will happen in the future. The picture on the blog looks good. I'm doing my best to
look it looking good. Thanks for a nice place to live at old age.

Paula said...

Several years ago I bought a heavy wrap around couch with two recliners in it. A little table between them that opens up to store the phone and makes into a bed. My plans were to live there the rest of my life. That couch has been moved three times. John's son told me Pauline if you ever move that couch again just call a bulldozer and knock the wall out and don't ask me to lift that heavy thing. One never knows does one?