Friday, July 1, 2016

I love clouds

I love clouds.  There was cloud watching on a lazy summer day long before TV and all these handheld devices  containing games. Back while flying kites, once it was up I would lie on the ground and  feel the tug, then I watched clouds.  They formed and unformed from trees to animals to people to buildings to cartoon characters, etc. Of course some took a stretch of the imagination but some were as clear as a picture.

This was brought to mind by these two pictures I received in an e-mail entitled, "Taken at the right split second."

I have no way of knowing if the above are photoshopped or not. But they would be beautiful to see, and either would be only for a moment or two.  We all know that.

I have always wanted to view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) but that requires being further north in colder weather. LOL

On the way to Alaska, on the ALCAN Highway, we stopped at Whitehorse for an overnight.  I noticed a 'tourist trap' called "The Northern Lights" so I suggested an evening out. The show was in an solarium setting, seats leaned back and showing a sky. I expected to see a 3D version or at least a movie of the Northern lights, but got neither, I was very disappointed.

Sky and space have always interested me. I wish there had been  astronauts before I quit HS.  Maybe it would have been an incentive to finish school and attend college.  I would love to be an astronaut.  

We made an extra effort to see the lift off with John Glenn aboard as an old man. I loved it.
Now, seeing the above cloud, you might scream Tsunami! Looking can you guess how much that cloud weighs?   Okay an estimate, it is Over a million pounds, or 100 Elephants!  I looked it up!

A strange sky today, note the straight line, this is actually what we saw.  We were on our walk with Stella to catch lightening bugs.     

That straight line was in the sky, I have never seen that before.

Nite Shipslog

Most boys my age will remember the 1957 Studebaker Hawk.  One of the most striking cars of the 1950's.



I know somebody who applied for an astronaut position years ago. I too wish I could have back then. But it was a boys only club of sorts. Those wisps of clouds speak to me too. Seeing the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis has always has been a dream here as well. My daughter saw them in Alaska and got goosebumps and glorious photographs of them when she was living there. You and little Stella are having some interesting walks, indeed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Summertime is meant for cloud gazing for sure. I've never seen a line like that either. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! I think we share the same brain. I was thinking of a post for clouds. Go see the cloud photo I posted on Faceook yesterday.
It's of an elephant. Gave me a blog idea but I think you covered it better.

Loved this!

betty said...

That was an interesting picture with the straight line like that with the sky. It is always fun to look at clouds and try to see what you see in them. Good for the imagination.


Paula said...

Love those cloud pictures but going into space would not be a dream of mine. Stella will never forget the adventures with you and Sherry.

Unknown said...

I missed yesterday's blog I know you get up in the middle of night and write.
That is the why I miss reading. I loved looking at clouds and see forms.

Rick Watson said...

When I was a kid I spent a great deal of time on grassy spots looking at the sky. There is nothing more beautiful than the sky on clear evenings.
The photos actually didn't look photoshopped to me. I have a similar picture of a cloud angel that I shot a few years ago.
Good job Jack.

Mevely317 said...

It just occurred to me, our lives aren't unlike those clouds. Sure, we've all enjoyed moments of glory; but then again, we're constantly shifting and evolving.
That straight line in the sky is something else!